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Frankfurt Airport - Your Gateway to Germany

One of the world's most important airports, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is the home base of the Star Alliance and it is also served by a long roster of other airlines from all over the globe. The airport is intermodally linked which makes it one of Europe's most important transportation hubs and in 2014, Frankfurt welcomed 60 million passengers from 297 destinations and 105 countries.

General Information


Frankfurt Airport actually uses two terminals for passenger operations

Terminal 1, concourses A, B, C and Z

Terminal 2, concourses D and E

The two terminals are linked by the “Sky Line” train and a shuttle bus.

Road Access

Frankfurt Airport is located right at Germany’s most important motorway interchange (where the A3, A67, and A5 motorways intersect). Each of both terminals is separately accessible by road.

Parking at Frankfurt Airport

There is a total of some 15,000 parking spaces right at the terminals. The offering is diverse and huge for every type of customer. Business travelers can take advantage of separate access and short walks. Vacationers can book reduced rates online.

Rental Cars All major rental car companies are represented at Frankfurt Airport: Terminal 1, Concourse A, Level 0 (Airport City Mall) Terminal 2, Concourse D, Level 2 (Arrivals)

Access by Rail

Frankfurt Airport has two train stations: The long-distance train station (platforms 4– 7) for ICE and IC trains offers 174 daily connections to all major cities in Germany. The regional train station (platforms 1– 3) connects FRA to Frankfurt suburbia. Trains for downtown Frankfurt leave every 15 minutes. Train tickets can be purchased in the DB Travel Centers in the AIRail Terminal and Terminal 1 (Concourse B, Level 0) and at numerous ticket machines.

AIRail Terminal

The AIRail Terminal is located between the long-distance train station and Terminal 1. More than 40 airlines let passengers arriving by train check their luggage and obtain their boarding passes there.

Porter and Escort Services

For a fee, porter and escort services can be booked in advance for passengers flying with any airline. The escort service also takes the luggage to where it needs to go, conveniently and by the shortest possible route.

Luggage Storage

For a stressless and untroubled shopping tour, passengers can load off their baggage, coat or important documents to the luggage service. The service is available at Terminal 1 and at Terminal 2.


Many airlines operate exclusive lounges for their own passengers to enjoy. LUXXLounge (Terminal 1) and SkyLounge (Terminal 2) offer a comfortable atmosphere to all passenger – regardless of their booking class and airline.

Services from A - Z

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Frankfurt Airport invites you to shop and snack amidst a truly fascinating and international atmosphere. A shopping spree at Frankfurt Airport is an absolute must for visitors of the Main metropolis.

Clothing, accessories and leather goods by local designers as well as international brands like
Porsche Design
H. Stern
Dolce & Gabbana by Engelhorn
and much more are available at city prices at over 60 boutiques and fashion stores situated throughout the airport, most of which are open seven days a week.

If you start to feel hungry during your shopping spree, simply choose your favourite type of cuisine from over 60 restaurants and bars. Try the haute cuisine at “Käfers” while looking out upon the apron and runways, experience „haute cuisine“ at Caviar House & Prunier or just continue on your stroll through the shops while enjoying a cup of Starbucks coffee. Travellers will find everything they require at the airport’s 30-plus newsagents, bookshops and convenience stores, some of which are open 24 hours a day. The 24 duty-free shops, meanwhile, offer excellent savings regardless of your destination, with prices being a great deal lower than the domestic average

Frankfurt Airport App 2.0

The New Frankfurt Airport App Focuses on Individual Customer Approach
Even before travelers begin their trip, the FRA Airport App optimally prepares them with useful tips such as how to get to Frankfurt Airport, parking recommendations, and orientation at FRA. Upon arrival, passengers can use the FRA Airport App as a personal guide during their stay in the passenger terminals

From Outer Space to the Ocean Blue: Frankfurt Airport Makes Traveling with Children Fun

Fraport, the airport manager, has already opened nine new playgrounds in the transit areas (after passing the security checks) at Frankfurt Airport’s terminals. Each play area features a different adventure theme where kids can romp and explore to their hearts’ content

Waiting Time Displays

To help passengers anticipate waits at the checkpoints, which unfortunately can’t always be avoided, Fraport has just launched a new, unique service. The Frankfurt Airport App now sends the expected waiting times at passport and security checkpoints straight to your smartphone in real time. This lets you decide how early to leave home to avoid the stress of unexpected long waits after getting to the airport. This information is also displayed on the information kiosks around Frankfurt Airport.

Walking Time Displays

How far is it to my gate? Many passengers nervously ask themselves this question when it’s getting close to their flight’s departure time. Frankfurt Airport has now reduced this stress factor by installing new display boards in both terminals that list not only the current flight data and departure gate, but also the time it takes to walk there—in orange characters. It only takes a quick glance to find out whether you’ll need one or five minutes.

Easy VAT Refunds

If you are leaving the European Union and live outside it, you are entitled to refund on the value-added tax paid on all merchandise purchased within the EU. Please note that you must request a tax refund check when buying items.

Information for international passengers

Free Brochures Show the Way Through the Terminals in Eleven Languages Germany’s largest airport is now making it even easier for passengers from around the world to get around the terminals. Whether you’re from China, Russia, or Portugal, most will find the key brochures in your native languages. Free brochures in your language:



Frankfurt Airport passengers can now take advantage of exclusive transfer services

Gate to Gate
Changing planes can be this easy! Our Gate to Gate Service ensures an exclusive, even more comfortable transfer experience at Frankfurt Airport.

Home to Gate
By chauffeured luxury limousine from home to gate: on request, we will pick you up directly at home, load your luggage, and then transfer you straight to the airport. After an assisted check-in, you will be escorted all the way to your departure gate.

Gate Express
A great way to start your next business trip in style: by riding a luxury limousine from your office straight to the departure gate at Frankfurt Airport. Book our Gate Express Service for a more enjoyable travel experience!

Office Express
Will you be visiting or returning to the Frankfurt area on business? If so, our Office Express Service is just the thing for you! We’ll pick you up at the arrival gate and chauffeur you in a luxury limousine straight to your office or business appointment.

Messe to Gate
A successful trade fair visit is coming to a close – now it's time to get home as quickly as possible! Luckily there's the Messe to Gate service to help you do so. In cooperation with Fraport AG, you will be chauffeured in comfort from the exhibition grounds to your departure gate without having to wait.

Gate to Messe
You’re heading for a trade show in Frankfurt. When you land at the airport, there’s no time to lose - the next few days are going to be extremely busy. So it’s a very good idea for you to take advantage of our exclusive Gate to Messe service, which we offer in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt GmbH, the operator of the Frankfurt exhibition grounds.

Check-In & Luggage

If you have booked a very early flight, some airlines offer you a convenient service: the possibility of checking in and reserving a seat the evening before. Don't forget to bring your ticket, ID card or passport, and (if required) a visa. Please keep in mind that (in most cases) all passengers must be physically present in order to check in.

Internet & Business

Wifi Frankfurt Airport offers 24-hour Internet Access – Free Wi-Fi Whenever Travelers Want Access

Telephone You will find telephones in all terminal areas and exits. You have the choice of paying with euro coins, telephone card or credit card.

Rent-a-Mobile You can rent a mobile phone at the Airport Communications Center, FAC 1, Terminal 1, Level 3.

Airport Conference Center

The Airport Conference Center is your reliable partner for every type of event, be it a conference, a meeting, or a presentation.
• Fast and easy booking service
• Total cost transparency
• Smooth processes
• First-class service
To put it simply: Arrive. Meet. Depart.

Medical Care

The Airport Clinic in Terminal 1, between Areas B and C (Arrival level) offers first aid and medical services. Open 24 hours daily.

Baggage storage facilities

Terminal 1 (Level 1): Arrivals Level, Area B (open 24 hours), and Departures Level, Area B/C (open 6 am –10 pm)
Terminal 2 (Level 2): Area D, Arrivals Hall (open 6 am  until 10 pm)


Airport Sightseeing Tours & Visitors´ Terrace

Experience Frankfurt Airport up close
Every visit to Frankfurt Airport is an experience. Enjoy the spectacular view from our Visitors’ Terrace or explore the airport from a different perspective on one of our many tours. From exciting events to fun for kids or teaching materials for schools, on the following pages we offer you everything to make your visit unforgettable.

Visitors' Terrace - Terminal 2
You can access the Visitors’ Terrace from the redesigned Food Plaza in Terminal 2, which features Europe’s largest McDonald's Restaurant and McDonald's Playland.

Airport Tours
Experience the action live right on the apron and airfield; peer behind the scenes of a major aviation hub. We have created tours to satisfy every taste. Would you like to get a close-up view of the A380 maintenance base? Are you interested in our newest airport fire engine, the giant Z8 XXL? Are you fascinated by the sea of lights at the airport after dark.

City Tours
A lot of Attractions are just a heratbeat away...

  • Frankfurt
  • Heidelberg
  • Romantic River Rhine
  • Rothenburg
  • Other cities on request

Social Commitment / Green Travel

Responsibility for the Future

Sustainability being firmly anchored in Frankfurt Airports Corporate Principles in its Agenda 2015, in 2010 we compiled our objectives and the measures necessary for their achievement for the first time in a Sustainability Program.

Our strategic orientation was developed in an interactive process involving all important stakeholder groups. Internal and external experts were checking and weighting the various issues identified on the basis of the guidelines pertaining to sustainability reporting as developed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and in stakeholder consultations. Crucial sustainability topics have been discussed in Executive Board meetings since 2014, involving also the heads of Frankfurt Airport business, service and central units. This ensures a greater commitment towards sustainability issues across the Group, while rising the relevance of this area of action. The topics dealt with cover the introduction of a materiality matrix, the sustainability program and the commissioning of relevant sustainability projects.

More information:

Barrier-free Travel

Passenger Assistance

Before Traveling

Physically challenged passengers and passengers with reduced mobility who require assistance at the airport are asked to request it in advance: at least 48 hours before departure by contacting their airline or travel agent This advance notice lets us notify the Passenger Support Service in good time. For security reasons, it is not possible for passengers to directly contact the Passenger Support Service.


If you are taking your own wheelchair with you, you must report it in advance to the airline and indicate its measurements (height, width and weight).

Important: If you are traveling with a battery-powered wheelchair, when booking your flight please also provide information about the type of battery used. Gel and dry-cell batteries may remain in the wheelchair and require no special preparations for transport. However, before checking it you must secure and disconnect the batteries and isolate their poles. For security reasons, wheelchairs with wet-cell batteries must be specially packed. Please contact your airline in advance to inquire.

Guide Dogs

Dogs are welcome in the terminals, but must be kept on a leash. If your dog accompanies you on a trip, please contact your airline ahead of time to find out what requirements have to be met.

For security reasons, no dogs may be taken onto the Visitors Terrace.

At the Airport

Check-In Counters

On the day of your departure, go as usual to: your airline's check-in counters or to one of the Help Points for the Passenger Support Service. If you are flying with Lufthansa, please go to the special support counter next to check-in counter 339.

Help Points Locations of the Help Points

You'll find Help Points for calling the Passenger Support Service at the following locations:

Terminal 1: Level 0, between the regional train station and the parking structure (near the DB ServicePoint) Level 3, along the walkway between the long-distance train station and the Frankfurt Airport Conference Center (FAC 1) Level 1, in the B Arrivals hall near the Meeting Points Level 2, in the B Departures hall near entrance 6

Terminal 2: Level 1, between the D and E Departures areas near entrances 5 and 6

Information Desks Locations of the Information Desks Our personnel will be happy to answer all of your questions. You'll find information desks at the following locations:

Terminal 1Service Point T1
B Concourse, Level 2 - opened 24 hours each day

Information Desk 1
B Concourse, Level 2 (Departures) - daily 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Welcome Center
B Concourse, Level 1 (Arrivals) - daily 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Information Desk 10
B Concourse (Transit) - daily 5.30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Information Desk 12
B concourse, Level 2 ( Transit) - daily 06,00 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Terminal 2Service Point T2
Between Concourses D/E - opened 24 hours each day

Tips for Picking upTips for Picking up

Pick up arriving passengers at the Meeting Points in the terminals. (The exact locations of the Meeting Points are indicated on the terminal maps.)

Meeting Points: Terminal 1, B Arrivals Terminal 2, in the middle between Departures and the E Concourse

More Information

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“Great to have you here!“ – the service program of Fraport Airport

Where We’re Heading

We want to offer our guests a five star experience that satisfies their greatest expectations with regard to comfort, atmosphere, and quality.

In an environment like the one we envision, passengers will always have the feeling that they are well looked after in every respect – and the time they spend at our airport will be a memorable experience.
As a result, we will score even more points with them and turn Frankfurt into their first choice for layovers. Particularly today, with competition among airports intensifying, this will give us a priceless advantage.

Our Shared Focus: Completely Satisfied Passengers

Many measures are involved, but they all serve the same goal: to make passengers feel good here with us. Our number one priority is meeting our guests’ basic needs, which we must never lose sight of: signage, cleanliness, acceptable waits, and friendly attention. This is the basis for an optimal experience.

Every day we welcome wildly diverse kinds of passengers to our airport. But whether it’s an elderly German couple, American businesspeople, or a group of Asian tourists – we always strive to meet all of their wishes and individual needs.

Thoroughly satisfied passengers come back and also recommend us to others, which strengthens our site and makes us more competitive. That is why our current activities are aimed at making it even more worthwhile, pleasant, and attractive for them to spend time at our airport.

Welcome & Wayfinding

We only have one opportunity to make a good first impression – and we aim to use it. That’s why we do everything possible to make sure that our passengers feel good right from the start and never lose sight of where they want to go.

For example, with monitors in the buses that pick passengers up from their planes on the apron, welcoming and informing them at the same time. With better signs showing the way to our services. By offering flight information on display boards and kiosks in more languages that are also easier to select. With an app that translates signs. And by providing more and better information about nearby hotels in the terminals.

Amenities & Comfort

We want our passengers to feel like they’re on cloud nine when they’re on the ground, too. We therefore go that famous extra mile– so they won’t have to walk it themselves.

Like with our “Home to Gate” and “Gate to Gate” services: the first chauffeurs passengers from their homes to the departure gate, and the second shortens their paths from plane to connecting flight. And with the “My Airport Guide” service, which escorts passengers through the airport. We’re also providing extra comfort and convenience by creating inviting smoking lounges, modernizing restrooms, installing many more power outlets at all gates, and offering free Wi-Fi internet access.

Relax & Enjoy

We’re naturally not going to rest when it comes to doing everything possible to let our passengers lean back and relax.

For example, by enhancing the quiet areas in the transit zones. By creating opportunities for passengers to get some shuteye, for instance in NapCabs. By installing privacy walls around our premium lounge chairs. With “silent rooms” where they can escape the hustle and bustle. And by creating a planted roof terrace in Terminal 1.

Work & Explore

The best waits fly by effortlessly. We are therefore going to give our passengers ways to productively use and enjoy their time.

For example, by providing additional entertainment such as video and gaming areas, movie theaters, and TV viewing. With activity areas and gyms in the transit zones. And by providing places where they can work in peace. The possibilities include new worktables, counters, and noisereduced seats.

Art, Culture& Ambience

What kind of airport do people feel best in?
Ideally, one that doesn’t look like an airport! We’re going to use art, culture, and designs to evoke something that not many airports have: a feel-good atmosphere.

For example, by creating forest-like oases in both terminals. With impressive, largeformat impressions of Germany and its landmarks. With coordinated lighting and colors throughout the terminals.

By displaying works by selected artists. By redesigning the drive-by in front of Terminal 1. And with more attractive bus arrival areas around the terminals.

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Fraport AG

Sales & Customer Relations
D-60547 Frankfurt

Senior Manager
Stefan Kopp


Fraport Communication Center:
Phone: +49 (0) 1806-3724636
EUR 0.20 per call within German landline network; mobile phone rates vary - maximum € 0.60/call within Germany.