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BAVARIA … where a holiday becomes an experience

Magnificent Alpine scenery, beautiful rolling hills and fairytale rivers and lakes all add up to making Bavaria Germany’s most popular holiday state.

Besides beautiful landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Bavaria stands for its traditions. They are not just lived here, they are also shared with holidaymakers. Each generation interprets them slightly differently, without losing sight of their origins. This makes Bavaria traditionally different.

Located right at the very heart of Europe Bavaria is the perfect all-year-round travel destination for guests from all over the world. Just see for yourself the wealth of opportunities Bavaria has to offer your customers.

  • ● UNESCO world heritage sites
  • ● The wonders of nature: Bavaria – a land of mountains, forests, rivers and lakes
  • ● Countless outdoor and sports activities in a perfect natural setting
  • ● Fairytale castles in magical scenery
  • ● Joie de vivre: Bavaria’s dynamic cities ready and waiting to welcome you
  • ● Bavaria – the land of world class opera, theatre, museums, musicals and festivals
  • ● Four different regions: Bavarian Alps in the southern regions of Allgaeu and Upper Bavaria, the low mountain ranges and forest of East Bavaria and Franconia.
  • ● Fabulous shopping and a vibrant nightlife too good to miss
  • ● Fantastic family-friendly accommodation
  • ● Romantic honeymoon specials for a holiday of a lifetime
  • ● Broad variety of international cuisine
  • ● Excellent price-performance ratio

Facts and figures
English name: Bavaria
German name: Bayern
Local capital: Munich (München)
Inhabitants: 12,7 million
Area: 70,549 km2

Bavaria is the largest of Germany’s sixteen federal states. The state is divided into seven administrative regions. Bavaria’s largest cities are Munich and Nuremberg. Six others have populations greater than 100,000. With a GDP of € 487.990 the State of Bavaria ranks well up among the leaders.

Bavaria is Germanys most popular holiday destination. 2015 more than 34 million guests arrived and about 88 million overnight stays were counted.

Bavaria consists of four different regions. For more information:
Franconia (north):
East Bavaria (east):
Upper Bavaria (south):
Allgäu/Bavarian-Swabia (west):


Bavaria can offer a lot of outstanding things. Exemplary for unforgettable experiences stands our Sightsleeping® Hotels brand. It offers accommodation for aestheticists in selected hotels throughout Bavaria. Sightsleepers can stay in castles, palaces or contemporary hotels with a particular visual appeal. In Bavaria the sightseeing starts the minute you open your eyes and go down to breakfast.

More information:

On the footsteps of Aristocratic Bavaria
In the shelter of centuries-old walls, between fine antiques, the most delicate of porcelain, gleaming silverware and paintings as tall as the walls they hang on, treasures from long-ago are revealed, true gems from Bavarian history which have been carefully protected down the years by great families and noble dynasties. In "Aristocratic Bavaria" discover imposing palaces, mysterious castles and splendid parks or even become Lord of the Manor yourself for a night. Welcome to worlds of glamour and luxury.

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Happy kids mean happy holidays
Wherever you see the Kinderland® symbol you know that everything is especially geared to families. Kinderland® Bavaria providers know just what is needed for the perfect family holiday so it is small wonder that Bavaria is ranked in pole position for family holidays. Children are demanding guests which is why all providers – farmhouses, holiday apartments, hotels and even campsites have to fulfill a rigorous list of criteria before being awarded 3, 4, or even 5 bears. All our Kinderland® establishments must fulfill over 50 criteria to be awarded the minimum of 3 bears.
4 bears indicates that the establishment offers even more facilities for families whilst our highly specialised 5-bear establishments provide everything any child could even dream of wanting.

More information:

Welcome to your farm holiday in Bavaria!
Farm holidays in Bavaria are becoming ever more popular. In particular, families with children will appreciate the easy and non-stressful, authentic holiday experience. But it is not only families that enjoy their stay on Bavarian farms. Cyclists and hikers also like to spend their holidays on one of our holiday farms and to enjoy Bavaria’s beautiful landscape, which provides the best conditions for sports and recreation. Fortified by a hearty farmer’s breakfast made from regional products, holidaymakers can walk through the forests, climb the mountains, discover the lakes, and experience nature with all the senses.

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Cultural Highlights

The Bavarian Department of State-owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes is responsible for all-in-all 45 palaces, castles and residences, 27 historic gardens and 21 lakes, including Neuschwanstein Castle, Würzburg Residence and the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg. Information at:

The diversity of Bavarian cities attracts an ever-increasing number of visitors every year. Whether you choose to visit the metropoles of Munich or Nuremberg or one of the numerous smaller historical towns… each Bavarian city has its own individual charm that never fails to delight.

Metropolitan flair and rural charm, Alpine roughness and high tech, beer gardens and haute cuisine, opera and night clubs: it is this very special “Munich mix” that attracts visitors from all over the world to the Bavarian capital again and again.

Tourist Office Munich:

Nuremberg – an exciting symbiosis of a 21st century city of half a million and a medieval centre. Gothic churches, romantic half-timbered houses and tucked-away courtyards and squares create an unforgettable atmosphere. The city centre is also the venue for such events as the worldfamous Christmas market.

Tourismus-Zentrale Nürnberg:

Founded in 15 BC during the reign of the Roman Emperor Augustus, Augsburg became an important trading town reaching its heyday in the 15th and 16th centuries when the international trading and banking activities of the Fugger and Welser families were at their height.

Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH

Regensburg is considered the medieval wonder of Germany – a historic city unique in its degree of preservation of the past two thousand years of city life with listed buildings and monuments of European rank at every turn. The city is of course not lacking in numerous museums and art collections all well worth a visit.

Tourist Information Regensburg:

Füssen is an internationally renowned health spa and resort in an area known as the Bavarian “Königswinkel” near the castle of Neuschwanstein. This Alpine town in East Allgäu region with its historical centre is the southernmost point of the Romantic Route.

Füssen Tourismus:

The unique charm of Rothenburg ob der Tauber casts a spell on its visitors like none other. A stroll through the small town is like a trip back in time where past centuries have once again come to life. The proud town hall, the tall towers and massive town walls, churches and patrician houses are a testimony to the architecture of times gone by.

Tourist Information Rothenburg:

There are many more cities and cultural highlights to explore, e.g. the UNESCO world heritage fascination in Bamberg and Würzburg, Bayreuth and Richard Wagner, Landshut and Passau in East Bavaria, the city of Ingolstadt (home of AUDI) or Memmingen.

For more information on further cities and highlights have a look at:

Health, Active and Nature

Health and spa holidays in Bavaria
Whether you come in search of exercise, relaxation, beauty pampering or spa treatments one thing is certain – Bavaria has everything needed for that all-round feeling of well being: beautiful scenery, a rich array of culture, well-preserved customs and traditions and warm and friendly people. To ensure maximum enjoyment and well-being whilst you recharge those batteries our WellVital hotels and localities have been carefully selected according to strict quality control criteria. Only facilities meeting all the criteria and being approved by fully-trained, independent inspectors are awarded the WellVital seal of approval. What does WellVital in Bavaria mean? It means taking time out to spoil yourself to bits; it means relaxation for body, mind and spirit, fitness training and replenishing that feeling of joie-de-vivre...

More information: or

Bavarian Spas – all the best for your Body & Soul
Under the umbrella of the Association of Bavarian Spas some 65 spas, health resorts, thermal baths and clinics provide the ideal setting catering all year round for all types of needs, where guests of every age can enjoy a true feeling of holistic well-being. Products range from fun holidays for the whole family through to medically indicated spa breaks, from medical wellness to burnout prevention. Interdisciplinary teams of doctors, physiotherapists, therapists, psychologists and health workers provide every guest with a tailored programme.

More information:

Outdoors at its Best
Get out there and enjoy is Bavaria’s hiking and walking motto. The beautiful Bavarian countryside and an extraordinary wealth of nature are just waiting to be explored. Bavaria is a cornucopia of woodlands, lakes and meadows, rivers and forests, and unspoilt nature.

A Cyclist’s Paradise
The many different regions of Bavaria offer a lot of possibilities for cyclists to enjoy the cultural, natural and culinary delights of this part of Germany. A lot of bicycle-friendly accommodation possibilities along the routes offer great services all over Bavaria.

More information: or at

Lakes & Mountains
Bavaria's countryside is affected by its beautiful lakes and mountains. If you are craving for idyllic and fascinating landscapes you definitely have to visit the following places and keep in mind that all of them are accessible from Munich in less than two hours.

Camping in bavaria ranges from either Europe-wide recognized five-star installations with many wellness supplies or pure country life with “Camping on a Farm”.

More information:

Winter holidays
Alpine skiing, nordic skiing, sled running and snowshoe hiking are just a taste of a wide range of activities. Bavaria is also the right spot for families and those who want to enjoy a more relaxing time during winter season. The Christmas markets in Bavaria's cities, towns and villages are world famous for their unique and romantic atmosphere.

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Bavaria is clearly one of Germany’s top conference destinations
Where to hold better a meeting or a conference than where others spend their holidays? Enchanting countryside, art, culture and a range of leisure activities all combined with Bavarian charm – something to suit every business traveller.

For more information write an e-Mail to or have a look at:

Trade fairs and exhibition Grounds

Munich Trade Fair centre
81823 München

Nuremberg Exhibition centre
NürnbergMesse GmbH
90471 Nürnberg

Augsburg Trade Fair and Convention Center
Augsburger Schwabenhallen Messe- und Veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Am Messezentrum 5
86159 Augsburg

Group Offers

BAVARIA TOURISM itself does not sell any packages, accommodation or services of any kind directly. Our business promotes the travel destination of Bavaria and provides the travel trade on the one hand and bavarian service providers on the other hand with the right contact. This helps to increase business between both sides and by doing so bringing more guests to Bavaria.

Travel Trade Bavaria
BAVARIA TOURISM wants your tours to become a success. We are dedicated to assist you with any questions you may have about Bavaria and its offer. A diverse range of services, e.g. picture database, B2B newsletter, sales guide, etc., has been developed to optimally support your activities.
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Barrier-free Travel

Accessible Tourism in Bavaria
Experiencing the hospitable traditions of Bavaria should be possible for all our visitors. As such, our objective is to provide information about relaxing holidays in Bavaria to all guests.

Barrier-free accommodations:

Certified barrier-free accommodations by the
Hotel’s and Restaurant's Association of Bavaria:

Barrier-free tourism region Franconian Lakes District
(south-west of Nuremberg; Nature Park Altmuehltal)

More information:
Tourismusverband Fränkisches Seenland
Postfach 1365
91703 Gunzenhausen

Phone +49 9831 500120

Travelling with kids:

For further information:


Welcome to Bavaria
You are hereby cordially invited to discover the wonderful variety and diversity of Bavaria. From idyllic farming villages to the romantic castles of King Ludwig II; from stunning nature to lively cities; from ancient tradition to the latest outdoor activities: Bavaria is one of the best regions to live in in Europe. Its range of hotels and restaurants is amongst the finest in the world. Simply browse our website and discover the many treasures that Bavaria has in store for you.

Search and book
Search ... and book online... accommodation in Bavaria offered by our partners - hotels, guesthouses, holiday homes. -> see: accommodation

Social Commitment / Green Travel

Climate protection
In Bavaria Climate Protection and fantastic holidays do not count out: enjoy swimming lakes with drinking water quality, accommodations with official environmental seal from the Bavarian state government, over 100 supra-regional cycle tracks and a cuisine spezialized on regional products.

Even during your journey you can save the climate:

German Alpine Association tips – ecologically responsible ways to explore the mountains. The German Alpine Association has a wealth of tips on hand to help you be as ecologically aware as possible whilst in the mountains.

Further information is available at:

ECOCAMPING – Holidays in the countryside The ECOCAMPING UMWELTMANAGEMENT accolade lays great store in a reduction of waste, drinking water savings and ecologically friendly cleaning methods advocating climate-protecting measures. Many of the camping businesses are already focusing on renewable energies.

Further information is available at:

The “DB Eco Program” projects aim at achieving climate protection. The Deutschen Bahn’s “DB Eco Program” includes exemplary projects that all contribute to CO reductions.

Further information is available at:

By using the right driving technique you can save up to 25 % of your fuel consumption. It is possible to train this at more than 70 ADAC certified driving schools:


Events in 2016 and 2017:

  • ● "Oktoberfest" Munich (17.09. – 03.10.2016 and 16.09. - 03.10.2017)
  • ● 2016: 500 years Bavarian purity law: Since 1516 the only ingredients used for the production of beer in Germany are water, barley and hops.
    ● 2017: 500 years of Reformation - Luther Year: Luther was a pioneering figure in the Protestant Reformation. On 31st October 1517, Luther nailed his famous 95 theses onto a church-door in Wittenberg.
  • ● Bayerische Landesausstellung – Ritter. Bauern. Lutheraner: 09.05. - 05.11.2017
    Knights. Peasants. Lutherans. - Exhibition
    Veste Coburg and Church St. Moriz (Coburg)
  • ● Landshut Wedding (every 4 years): 30.06. – 23.07.2017
    A town re-enacts the Middle Ages.
  • ● In 2020: Passion Plays Oberammergau

For more events, please visit:

How to get there – Airports
There are three bavarian airports providing international connections:

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