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Europäische Reiseversicherung (ERV): specialising in keeping travellers safe

Europäische Reiseversicherung AG (ERV) is the ERGO Insurance Group's travel-protection specialist, and therefore belongs to Munich Re, one of the world’s leading reinsurers and risk carriers.

Market leadership – more peace of mind when travelling
ERV has been writing travel insurance history for over 100 years. Today ERV is the German market leader in this segment and as one of the leading providers of travel insurance is now represented in over 20 countries world-wide. With its international network, ERV guarantees its customers optimum support before, during and after their trip. Besides its competence as a travel insurer, ERV sees itself as an innovative service provider.

More information about ERV and its international activities


Protection for foreign visitors from the European Economic Area when staying in Germany

Your guest falls ill, their relative has an accident or they are unable to start their trip because they have been made redundant. Or perhaps the holiday has to be ended early due to an insured reason? The Incoming Travel Cancellation Insurance protects holidaymakers in Germany against unnecessary cancellation fees and high costs if the trip has to be cut short.

Comprehensive protection with the Cancellation Plus Insurance
For all guests seeking comprehensive financial protection, the Cancellation Plus Insurance also covers the costs in the event of sickness, medical repatriation, and luggage damage or bicycle loss.

Insurance for overseas students and au pairs
The combined package offers overseas students and au pairs comprehensive cover in the event of sickness, accidents and third-party liability claims for a period of up to one year.

Extra-Plus: The telephone cancellation-advice centre
If your guest need to cancel his trip, he can use our special service in the Travel Cancellation Insurance and contact our telephone cancellation-advice centre before cancelling. Our staff will support your guest concerning the decision to cancel and will check whether it is possible to delay the cancellation without financial risk.


Medical Cancellation Advisory
To Cancel or not to cancel? Good advice doesn’t have to be expensive!

Your customer has booked his trip and is looking forward to it. But suddenly he becomes ill and doesn’t know whether he’ll be healthy by the start of the trip. Should he cancel his vacation plans now?

This is a good time to let your customers know about our free Medical Cancellation Advisory. Independent travel doctors provide your customer with over-the-phone advice about whether they should cancel or not. If this service is used, ERV assumes the risk of cancellation costs.

Two reasons really commend this service: The customer is happy and assured that he can travel and you gain your full commission. Help your customer and give his holiday a second chance.

Vacation in Germany – properly insured between the North Sea and the Alps
We offer some special products for travel inside Germany, in which trips of up to 48 hours into bordering countries are also insured.

Your customer is looking forward to a weekend trip, city tour or family trip but suddenly becomes ill? Protect your customer with ERV’s cancellation insurance.

Insure foreign guests adequately
You can insure foreign guests who are visiting Germany with our Incoming-insurance. With ERV’s travel insurance, every guest is not only warmly welcomed, but also feels safe during his trip.


Europäische Reiseversicherung AG

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