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DER Touristik: Our Profile
More than 6 million guests a year — DER Touristik is today one of the leading travel and tourism groups in the German-speaking world. €4.9 billion in sales in 2014 was the result of the tremendous efforts of 7,050 employees. DER Touristik is divided into three differentiated divisions: the tour operators for classic holiday travel at DER Touristik Köln and the operators for individual and long-distance travel at DER Touristik Frankfurt & Co. KG and the travel agency sales operation DER Deutsches Reisebüro & Co. OHG, both with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.


Our Tour Operator Brands
In consolidation, the tour operators at DER Touristik are Number 2 on the German market.

  • ITS mainly addresses families. The range comprises classic beach holidays in the most popular holiday resorts around the Mediterranean and Black Sea, in the mountains and near European bathing lakes.
  • Jahn Reisen offers many addresses for sophisticated demands in airy design, focused on a unique holiday experience.
  • Travelix offers a premium and purely dynamic range with over 6,000 hotels in more than 126 destinations.
  • Dertour is clearly the competence leader for individually combinable travel modules and the market leader for trips to the USA and city trips in Germany and Austria.
  • Meier’s Weltreisen is a specialist for the long hauls and market leader for trips to Asia in Germany and Austria.
  • ADAC Reisen is the brand for mobile holiday trips, whether self-drive holiday, by motorcycle, rental car or camper van.

Our Travel Agency Sales Operation Brands
DER Touristik is at present clearly with about 2,000 sales offices the market leader in Germany for brick-and-mortar travel agency sales operations. The travel agency sales operation at DER Touristik breaks down into branch office sales with the brand DER, including own travel agency sales of DER Reisebüro, online sales at the domain DER.COM, the franchise sales business with the brand DERPART and the sales offices of the DER Touristik Partner-Service (DTPS) comprising two chain and four cooperation systems and the franchise system DER Touristik Partner. The branch office system FCm Travel Solutions and the franchise system DERPART Travel Service put DER Touristik in the number 2 spot on the German market for business travel sales.


Winter 2015/16

  • DERTOUR Afrika
  • DERTOUR Asien China
  • DERTOUR deluxe Afrika Orient Indischer Ozean
  • DERTOUR DERTOUR deluxe Amerika
  • DERTOUR deluxe Asien Ozeanien
  • DERTOUR deluxe Europa
  • DERTOUR deluxe Europäische Metropolen
  • DERTOUR deluxe Kreuzfahrten 2015/2017
  • DERTOUR Fluss-Reisen 2016
  • DERTOUR Golfurlaub
  • DERTOUR Gruppenreisen weltweit
  • DERTOUR Indischer Ozean
  • DERTOUR Karibik
  • DERTOUR live – Fußball & Wintersport erleben
  • DERTOUR Mexiko Lateinamerika
  • DERTOUR Mittelmeer Nordafrika
  • DERTOUR Nordische Länder
  • DERTOUR Orient
  • DERTOUR Ski Kanada USA
  • DERTOUR Städtereisen
  • DERTOUR Studienreisen – Ferne Länder
  • DERTOUR USA Kanada
  • DERTOUR Wellness- und Vitalwelten
  • DERTOUR Winterspaß in Europa

  • Meier’s Weltreisen Afrika
  • Meier’s Weltreisen Asien
  • Meier’s Weltreisen Indischer Ozean
  • Meier’s Weltreisen Karibik
  • Meier’s Weltreisen Mexiko Mittelamerika Südamerika
  • Meier’s Weltreisen USA Kanada Bahamas

  • ADAC Reisen Australien Neuseeland Südl. Afrika
  • ADAC Reisen USA Kanada

  • ITS Ägypten, Tunesien, Marokko
  • ITS Mallorca, Andalusien, Algarve, Türkei, Zypern, Malta
  • ITS Dominikanische Republik, Kuba, Jamaika, Mexiko
  • ITS V.A. Emirate, Kenia, Sansibar, Mauritius, Malediven, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapur, Bali
  • ITS Kanaren, Madeira
  • ITS Advent, Weihnachten, Silvester
  • ITS Städtereisen
  • ITS Deutschland, Niederlande, Tschechien
  • ITS Österreich

  • Jahn Reisen Sonnenplätze (Nordafrika)
  • Jahn Reisen Meeresrauschen (Mittelmeer)
  • Jahn Reisen Sehnsuchtsziele (Lateinamerika, Karibik)
  • Jahn Reisen Ferne Welten (Indischer Ozean, Afrika, Asien)
  • Jahn Reisen Atempausen (Kanarische Inseln, Madeira)
  • Jahn Reisen Wintergenuss (Österreich, Deutschland)

Group Offers

Special offers for groups – “Gruppenreisen weltweit”
Dertour devotes special attention to group and reader tours. In line with the theme of “Discovering countries and other cultures together”, in its adventure travel programme the tour operator offers a wide range of unusual, global group tours that can be undertaken by air, rail and bus.

Social Commitment / Green Travel

Social Commitment
Just as DER Touristik is committed to environmental protection, we also care about the local population and, of course, our holidaymakers themselves. DER Touristik is involved in a variety of projects promoting social stability and cultural diversity.

Green Travel
Prevailing environmental problems such as climate change or the loss of species and habitats also concern the tourism industry. This plays a dual role in this context: it is both a potential contributor to these environmental threats and a victim. Therefore, the conservation of an intact environment, as one would want to experience when on holiday, is one of the main concerns of DER Touristik. For this reason, we actively contribute to environmental protection.


DER Touristik Frankfurt GmbH
Dertour, Meier’s Weltreisen, ADAC Reisen
Emil-von-Behring-Straße 6
60424 Frankfurt
Tel.: +49 69 9588-00
Fax: +49 69 9588-1010

DER Touristik Köln GmbH
ITS , Jahn Reisen, Travelix,, Club Calimera, Primasol Hotels, lti hotels
Humboldtstraße 140
D-51149 Köln
Tel.: +49 2203 42-0
Fax: +49 2203 42-247

DER Deutsches Reisebüro GmbH & Co. OHG
Emil-von-Behring-Straße 2
D-60439 Frankfurt
Tel.: +49 69 9588-00
Fax: +49 69 9588-1010

DERPART Reisevertrieb GmbH
Emil-von-Behring-Straße 2
D-60439 Frankfurt
Tel.: +49 69 9588 45-00
Fax: +49 69 9588 45-40

DER Touristik Partner-Service GmbH & Co. KG
Humboldtstr. 140
D-51149 Köln
Tel.: +49 2203 42-2361
Fax: +49 2203 42-2361

DER Touristik Online GmbH
Emil-von-Behring-Straße 2
60424 Frankfurt
Tel.: +49 69 9588-00
Fax: +49 69 9588-1010