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London has Buckingham Palace, Paris has Versailles. The highlight in Berlin is … Friedrichstadt-Palast. And it isn’t filled with dusty memories of the nobility, but is instead the home of Europe’s show palace. On the largest theatre stage in the world, the hottest (and biggest) show in the capital is celebrated: More than 100 of the best soloists, dancers, musicians and artists make a trip to Friedrichstadt-Palast an absolute must-see for every Berlin resident and visitor. It’s no coincidence that with 700,000 visitors annually, it is by far Berlin’s No. 1 stage.

Berlin's most spectacular stage is centrally located on Friedrichstraße in the East End Theatre District. Friedrichstadt-Palast is the last large historic landmark building from the GDR. Its history dates back to 1919 when theatre genius Max Reinhardt opened the Great Theatre. In the 1920s with revues by Erik Charell, the theatre set the pace for the Roaring Twenties. Legendary Marlene Dietrich and later American divas like Shirley Bassey and Liza Minnelli stood on stage here. Because the old building had structural problems, the revue theatre was rebuilt at Friedrichstraße 107 and inaugurated in April 1984 with spectacular revues, variety theatre and cabaret. Up to the fall of the Berlin Wall, Friedrichstadt-Palast was in fact the theatre to go to in the East Bloc.

After the fall of the Wall, ‘the Palace’ established itself as the first address in reunified Germany for extravagant and spectacular show entertainment and has been one of Berlin’s hottest major attractions ever since. To this day, it offers technical marvels and abounds with superlatives of all types and world records. Friedrichstadt-Palast lights up Berlin-Mitte and is also where major galas and events take place, including the Berlinale and the German Film Awards. Familiar faces have always passed through the theatre’s door, ranging from politicians including Michail Gorbatschow, George Bush Sr., Helmut Kohl and Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, to Hollywood stars such as Colin Firth, Leonardo Di Caprio, Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway.

If you would like to experience something extraordinary in Berlin, something that is unique in the world and visually stunning, then Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin’s “East End” is your first choice.

Brands / Products / Services

THE WYLD – Out of this world

THE WYLD is populated with flamboyant mavericks, city slickers and intergalactic metamorphoses – ultra-modern and archaic, bizarre and futuristic. On the biggest theatre stage in the world, Berlin’s glittering new celestial phenomenon combines exceptional figures and talents in extraordinary images. As weird and wonderful as the city where it is set. With more than 100 artists and a production budget of more than ten million euros, the highest in the Palast’s 95-year history, THE WYLD is the most elaborate show outside of Las Vegas. Mugler, the revolutionary Parisian star designer, has been brought on board for this extraordinary production. He is well-known worldwide for his fashion and perfume label ‘Thierry Mugler’ and the perfumes ‘Angel’ and ‘Alien’.

Get your best space suit out of the wardrobe and fly with us through this truly cosmic love story. Ethereally beautiful and out of this world.

Children shows
Especially younger pupils, kids, and adolescents are enthused by the children shows of Friedrichstadt-Palast’s Young Ensemble. Each year, more than 1.000 children apply to become a member of the Young Ensemble, which, with its more than 250 kids and young people from more than 20 nations, is Europe’s largest youth ensemble.

During three months of the year, the Young Ensemble regularly performs in front of capacity crowds in impressive show ‘Something Quite Different’. And be assured: the show will also knock the kids out of their chair.


International Show
Our shows are perfectly suitable for non-German.

Group Offers

The following group discounts are available for advance booking:
for children’s shows, 10 % in price categories 1 – 4 for groups of more than 19 persons paying full price.
Discounts for school groups are available upon inquiry (fixed price plus system fee).

10 % for groups of more than 9 persons paying full price in price categories 1 – 4.
15 % for groups of more than 14 persons paying full price in price categories 1 – 4.

There are no discounts for VIP and premium seats, tickets in price category 5, tickets for special shows (e. g., premieres), shows with special pricing (e. g., New Year’s Eve) and shows on the three days of Christmas (December 24, 25 and 26).

Barrier-free Travel

Friedrichstadt-Palast has 4 wheelchair seats. In addition, wheelchair users, who can be moved, may take a seat in the row 3 (VIP row).

An induction loop in the hall can help hearing-impaired people hear the show more clearly.

How do you reach us?
As a wheelchair user, barrier-free access to the Friedrichstadt-Palast foyer is available using the theatre’s side entrance on Johannisstraße (off of Friedrichstraße). Directly from there, a lift takes you to all floors of the theatre and to the hall. Admission via the side entrance starts at the earliest one hour before the show begins.

When you arrive at the side entrance, simply use the bell which is easy to reach for wheelchair users and located to the right of the door. Our service personnel will then open the glass door. Upon request, our service personnel can look after you and take you from the door to your seat. You can also move completely independently in the foyer. But mobility in the hall is strongly limited by steps. On show days starting at 5 p.m. (until the end of the show), our theatre staff would also be happy to answer any questions you might have by telephone and can be reached at +49 30 2326 2646.

Easy parking
We would be happy to arrange for disabled parking when you order tickets for wheelchair users at our theatre box office or by telephone at +49 30 2326 2326. When you order your tickets, you will immediately receive the service telephone number you need to call for the special arrangements for parking.

Parking places should be ordered two weeks before attending the show. They are located in the immediate vicinity of our barrier-free side entrance.


Friedrichstadt-Palast - A modern legend
Welcome to Europe’s most modern show palace with the world’s biggest theatre stage.The productions of the house are enormous. The main hall seats 1,895 visitors and includes main, side, front and back stages, a water basin and podiums. Opulent scenery and simply stunning. Breathtaking female and male bodies, energy-packed music and brilliant artistic achievements embedded in a whirl of magnificent costumes and unique light effects. Always the splendid highlight and very sexy: the chorus line of girls with their 64 beautiful legs.

Tickets for all shows can be purchased by phone over our hotline, in person at the box office in Berlin or online on our tickets page (

Ticket hotline: +49 30 2326 2326
Ticket fax: +49 30 2326 2323
Ticket email:
Phone operating hours: daily 9am - 8pm

Box Office
Our theater box office is located 20 meters to the right of the main entrance of Friedrichstadt-Palast.

Opening hours:
daily 10am - 6:30pm

The evening box office opens 1 hour before the show starts (only for events on the same day).

To avoid unnecessary waiting time, our guests can already order drinks and meals at one of the attractively lit bars before the show starts and be served during intermission at a reserved table of their choice

Price Conditions

Ticket prices for the children show range from 8.90 € to 41.90 €, depending on the chosen show date and price category. Ticket fees are not included.

Ticket prices for the THE WYLD range from 16.90 € to 114.90 €, depending on the chosen show date and price category. Ticket fees are not included.

Prices for the Wall Sky Lounge range from 199,90 € to 229,90 €, depending on the chosen show date. Ticket fees are not included.- The airberlin magazine writes about the world’s first Sky Lounge in a theatre: “You can sit back and watch the performance in 5-star luxury. Only six guests at a time can enjoy this top-notch treatment in the Wall Sky Lounge of Berlin’s Friedrichstadt-Palast.” And the renowned gourmet critic Heinz Hormann states in DIE WELT: “The term indulgence does not do it justice, this is pure luxury.”

A theatre visit simply does not get any more luxurious than this. The separate lounge offers a spectacular bird’s eye view of the action in the auditorium and onstage. Optional extra: Access via a side entrance and reserved parking right outside the door.

Ticket fees
There is a €2 system fee for each ticket. Additionally, there is an advance booking fee of 15% of the ticket price, and 10% of the ticket price for children’s shows. Tickets in price category 5 and tickets bought on the day of the show are not subject to an advance booking fee.


Information for trade partner
Resellers can book tickets from us at attractive conditions. Our service includes long-term allotment and in-house catering. We also offer an affortable combination (minimum 20 people) including show tickets, overnights and many other programme items. Talk to us, we will provide you with information.

Sales Team contact details:
Monday to Friday from 09.00 am to 18.00 pm.

Phone: +49 30 2326 2330
Fax: +49 30 2326 2229

That's Europe´s Show Palace:

  • The biggest theatre stage in the world, 1,895 seats
  • The Palast is the most visited theatre in Berlin
  • More than 14 million visitors since the opening of the new
  • building in 1984
  • The world’s largest long running shows with over
  • 100 artists and 60 employees behind the scenes
  • Theatre with over 100 years of history
  • Our shows are perfect for international visitors who do not
  • speak German

Press comments:

  • "Las Vegas in Berlin" (THE SUNDAY TIMES London)
  • "Bigger, even more sensational – Luxury and glamour" (Berliner Zeitung – Berlin’s biggest subscription newspaper)



Friedrichstr. 107
10117 Berlin

Phone operating hours:
daily 9am - 8pm

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