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DTV – German Tourism Association

German Tourism Association (DTV)

The German Tourism Association (DTV) is the voluntary association of local, regional and nationally acting tourism organizations in Germany. Furthermore, the three umbrella organizations the German County Association (Deutscher Landkriestag), the Association of German Cities (Deutscher Städtetag) and German City and Municipalities (Deutscher Städte- und Gemeindebund) are members of the DTV. Sustaining members are for example the German Automobile Association (ADAC), Deutsche Bahn AG and other companies from the private sector.

The most important operating figures of German tourism are compiled by the annually booklet "Numbers-Data-Facts" ("Zahlen-Daten-Fakten").

Tasks and Goals

SInce 1902 the DTV stands up for the successful development in tourism in Germany. As an umbrella organization the DTV represents the interests of its 100 members towards politics and authorities, creates new impulses, establishes a network for all actors and promotes pioneering quality tourism for Germany as tourism destination. The organization is committed to the improvement, expansion and maintenance of tourism infrastructure. The association provides its members a wide range of services, such as specific advice on legal issues as well as templates for contracts and framework agreements.

Project work

The German Tourism Association (DTV) is involved in various projects to ensure the quality of the German tourism industry.

Quality in German tourism

DTV Services GmbH´s main task is to classify holiday homes, apartments and private rooms. With the "i-Marke" the DTV introduces a modern brand concept for tourist information offices. The DTVS awards the "i-Marke" to high quality tourist information offices.

German Tourism Award, German Tourism Day and German City and Culture Forum

The DTV awards each year the German Tourism Award, an award for innovative offerings in German tourism. In addition, the Association organizes two major conferences of the year: the German Tourism Day in November and the German City and Culture Forum in June.


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