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Must Sees in Germany

Museum Schwerin


Fluxus Made in USA - a whole new museum experience

When visiting the capitol of Mecklenburg-Pomerania the museum is always worth a visit! The present exhibition 'Fluxus made in USA' can cause a whole new state of mind, it interacts with the visitors in a very young and vivid way and is therefore a new museum experience. Don't miss it!


#germany25reunified – és még mindig létezik! A HotSpotterünk, Roxana Mally azt ajánlja, hogy tegyetek egy túrát Berlinben egy XXL-Trabiban!
#youth #berlin #mustsees

Fotó © Roxana Mally

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04. January 2014 by destinoalemania
Tag(s): Must Sees Berlin


Un viaje por Berlín en este "Trabi" es una experiencia única. Enjoy de ride!
#youth #berlin #mustsees
Foto: Roxana Mally


El punto caliente de #Wiesbaden: "Kochbrunnen". #youth #mustsees

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    Esmeralda amo Alemania!!!


El punto caliente de #Wiesbaden: "Kochbrunnen".
#youth #mustsees

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Youth HotSpot
16. March 2014 by Becki Enright
Tag(s): Must Sees Weimar

City gardens


Stroll one of Weimar surrounding gardens

Weimar is a small city surrounded by huge, stunning gardens. Known for its artistic and musical students, you never know who will be hanging out here creating a great atmosphere. The gardens/parks are so large you can easily lose yourself within them and find a quiet spot as well as being tempting enough for a good stroll, jog or scenic bike ride.

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Youth HotSpot
16. March 2014 by Becki Enright
Tag(s): Must Sees Weimar

Bauhaus museum


Learn all about the revered Bauhaus design movement

Learn about the infamous college of architecture and design which began in 1919 and was driven out of Weimar in 1925, relocated and later closed by the socialists it in 1933. This funky museum houses architectural plans and images, alongside other creative and artistic pieces from this much revered school of design. Many Bauhaus design buildings can be found throughout Weimar.

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Youth HotSpot
14. March 2014 by Becki Enright
Tag(s): Must Sees Erfurt

Little Venice


A picturesque chill out space by the river

Dubbed 'Little Venice' this beautiful spot by the river, behind the Krämerbrücke (Merchant's Bridge), is perfect for sipping on a cold bear at one of the near by bars, a scenic walk or a picnic in warmer weather. It's also a firm favourite with the students of the town as a prime chill out area.

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