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View inside the Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments: a portico houses rows of glass display cabinets containing elaborately embellished, historical physical instruments
Two wheelchair users and three other people relaxing in the sun on a park bench in egapark Erfurt
Group of visitors with walking canes and a tour guide at the Dialogue Museum in Frankfurt
Cycling along the Elbe in Hamburg's HafenCity
View from below of the canopy walk's circular walkway at Neuschönau
Man and woman leaning over a display cabinet in an exhibition room containing bird representations, with more people in the background
Model of Magdeburg Cathedral
Interior view of the function room with special lighting elements in the Oberhausen Gasometer
Model cars made of wood in the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart
Exterior view of the town hall in Wernigerode
A hand biker enjoying a panoramic view of the alpine landscape around Lake Chiemsee
Alpine panorama in Oberstdorf
Visitor with camera by the chalk coast in Jasmund National Park on Rügen island
Visitors marvelling at buildings from above at Miniature Wonderland
View of Herrenchiemsee Palace and lake in front with the statue of the 'Seine' in the foreground
The foyer of the Focke Museum in Bremen with archaeological stone statues and historical paintings
Boy with hair standing on end at the Van de Graaf generator at Phaeno in Wolfsburg
Cruise boat at the lakeside. Two men push a man and a woman in wheelchairs along an uphill path, with two children alongside them.
Exterior view of Bremen Art Gallery with reflection on the lake in an evening setting
Three horse riders in the Münsterland countryside

Useful barrier-free information.

Many German organisations, authorities and companies endeavour to make travelling into and within Germany as accessible and barrier-free as possible. Before starting your journey, please find out who can best support you with your individual requirements.

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