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AQUA, kitchen team

Aqua restaurant in Wolfsburg – three stars in the Autostadt automobile centre

It's not just the vehicles that are the star attraction in the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. With a three Michelin-starred restaurant, the centre also boasts one of the best dining venues in Germany. With its harmonious marriage of flavour and design, the Aqua provides the ideal setting for the finest gourmet cuisine. French interior designer Andrée Putman's stylish decor with metallic curtains and illuminated glass objects reflects the creative flair of the cuisine.

Sven Elverfeld is at the helm in the kitchen. The Head Chef places great emphasis on the flavour and presentation of his dishes, creating surprising new twists on seemingly everyday fare. His modern European cooking style focuses on the subtle flavours of the individual ingredients and the harmony of textures. He explores the full technical spectrum in the interests of flavour – and therefore of diners too.

Aqua Restaurant
Sven Elverfeld

Head Chef: Sven Elverfeld

Cuisine style*: creative, modern, traditional, classic

Prices (not including drinks)*: €25 to €92

Michelin Guide*:
"Distinctive, style-defining, contrasting and surprising... What the passionate Sven Elverfeld creates from the finest ingredients is very special and absolutely top class! And what could be a more appropriate setting than an elegantly minimalist interior with a charming and impeccably trained front-of-house team?"

Contact and Reservations:
Aqua restaurant
The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg
Parkstraße 1
38440 Wolfsburg
Tel.: +49 5361 606056
Online Reservations: www.restaurant-aqua.com

The prices quoted are purely indicative.
*Source: www.bookatable.com