Walldürn, a place of pilgrimage
Walldürn, a place of pilgrimage ©Christof Herdt
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A pilgrimage to the Holy Blood – the history of the blood miracle of Walldürn

The story of the blood miracle of Walldürn dates back to around 1330. This tale has lost none of its fascination; as testified by the numbers of worshippers who go on the pilgrimage during the four-week period to honour the Holy Blood in the minor basilica. And they often travel with great hope for solace in their backpack.

The "Blood of Christ", which still attracts pilgrims to the "blood miracle of Walldürn" in Baden-Württemberg to this day, is said to have been spilled on a sheet of white altar linen (the corporal) in the 14th century after a priest knocked over a goblet of wine after consecration during communion. The spilled wine is said to have stained the linen blood red, depicting an image with Jesus on the Cross in the middle.

Many Christians have made their way to Walldürn to see the miracle corporal for themselves over the centuries. Today, up to 100,000 visitors come to the Church of St. George, which was honoured with the title of minor basilica by Pope John XXIII, during the main pilgrimage period. This four-week period starts a week after Pentecost on the Feast of the Holy Trinity. The church is one of the most beautiful examples of Baroque architecture in the Rhine-Main and Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region. Pilgrims travel here by bus, car, motorcycle, bicycle and on foot, and some of them combine this journey with the traditional pilgrimage routes starting in Cologne or Fulda. The pilgrimage has adopted the motto "That they may all be one" for 2017. This is a theme running through Pontifical High Masses, processions and services held at the square dedicated to the pilgrimage outside the basilica. It also comes to mind at the outdoor altar, the "bloody" image of Jesus on the crucifix and the Lourdes Grotto, where people find the peace and quiet that they have been looking for.

Pilgrimage to the Holy Blood in Walldürn

Arrival options: change at Heidelberg Central Station for connections to Walldürn on regional and commuter trains

Pilgrim hostels?: Yes

Pilgrimage dates: from the Sunday after Pentecost for a period of four weeks

For more information and the dates of the "Pilgrimage to the Holy Blood" in Walldürn (in German), visit:

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