Wolfsburg: Autostadt
Wolfsburg: Autostadt ©DZT (Francesco Carovillano)
German National Tourist Board
Visitors' Choice 2017
Autostadt Wolfsburg

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Autostadt Wolfsburg

Autostadt is an exhibition complex in Wolfsburg, the home of the Volkswagen Group. Focused on the subject of mobility, it offers a variety of exciting attractions and activities.

Autostadt Wolfsburg takes you on a fascinating journey through the world of the automobile.Set in more than 28 hectares of parkland, a mixture of stunning architecture, design and nature provides the framework for a wide range of attractions. Exhibitions feature classic cars through the ages and focus on what made them so groundbreaking at the time. Works of art and short films offer new perspectives on automotive subjects, while interactive research installations provide hands-on experiences. Autostadt also hosts events that open up new horizons – ranging from themed marketing presentations to the Movimentos festival. Experiences. The diversity of attractions on offer at Autostadt reflects the wide-ranging interests of Volkswagen as a global company and its corporate responsibility for people, culture and society. Art lovers will be able to find just as much inspiration here as engineering enthusiasts, multimedia fans and those looking for peace and quiet. Find out why quality ensures safety, how performance and sustainability go hand in hand, and the significance the company puts on client focus. Autostadt also showcases the knowledge generated by the company's employees around the world and explains the philosophy behind the individual brands. Visit Autostadt for an experience that embodies the theme 'People, cars and what moves them'!

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