Long before Stephenie Meyer's famous vampire novels about Bella and Edward, DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES the musical was entertaining people in their millions – and it still is at the Stage Theater des Westens in Berlin. This stage version of the film by Oscar-winner Roman Polanski is guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

At Berlin's Theater des Westens – one of Germany's most distinguished theatres – vampire researcher Professor Abronsius and his hapless assistant Alfred embark on a journey to mysterious Transylvania. Their aim is to track down and kill the vampires who, so legend has it, are living in a castle. Very soon they discover the vampires' trail and manage to slip into the castle disguised as tourists. But will they be victorious in the battle against the immortals? Will Alfred be able to free his beloved Sarah in time from the clutches of the dreaded vampire Count von Krolock? Will they all escape unharmed from the world of immortality? The vampires are rising from their graves for a great celebration, so let the dance commence…

Six times every week, Count von Krolock and his vampires issue an invitation to the dance at the Theater des Westens, which was taken over and renamed Stage Theater des Westens by Stage Entertainment in 2003. At this show based on the film by Oscar-winner Roman Polanski, around 1,400 people experience a wonderfully dramatic story with electrifying dance scenes, spectacular sets and deeply felt rock ballads. Guaranteed to send shivers down the spine!

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