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Germany's history, food and medieval heritage
Rhineland-Palatinate, Frankfurt's Apfelwein festival and concerts at Bremerhaven
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Frankfurt/ Main: Mainufer, Skyline
This month, we’re all about enjoying the hot summer days. Cool down with a tasty apple cider in Frankfurt, explore castles and culture in Rhineland-Palatinate, and celebrate warm evenings full of music in Bremerhaven. Also, follow us in the footsteps of kings and emperors in Trier, Aachen, and Koblenz, and discover Germany’s medieval heritage in Rostock and Regensburg.

Aachen cathedral, inside view
In the footsteps of kings and emperors
Follow in the footsteps of famous persons of the past. The Romans settled in Trier 2,000 years ago. Get to know their monuments, their wine, and their food. Aachen is known for Charlemagne and his cathedral. There is also a delicious product of Aachen waiting to be tasted, the Printe, a special kind of brown gingerbread. Watch bakers make those delicious sweets. Feel like a knight in Koblenz and discover fortresses and castles along the Rhine river. Let yourself be inspired while enjoying a local dish and a glass of wine.
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Discover the life of medieval merchants
During the Middle Ages, merchants often accumulated great wealth. In the north, the Hanseatic League rose and built walled cities in brick Gothic architecture, like Rostock. In the south, in Regensburg, the patrician towers, the predecessors of the skyscrapers, were very popular. Both Rostock and Regensburg have stories to tell and a lot waiting to be discovered. After a day of new experiences, enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the beach in Rostock. In Regensburg, sit next to the Danube river and have some sausages with sauerkraut in the (supposedly) oldest public restaurant in the world.
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Rhineland-Palatinate, Bacharach in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley (UNESCO World Heritage)
Castles and culture in Rhineland-Palatinate
Until October 3, 2019, the Rhineland-Palatinate's Summer of Culture takes place, covering all kinds of cultural celebrations. The festival was created to spread interest in art and culture, as well as discussion and debate. With almost 250 events, including concerts, readings, exhibitions, children's activities, and theater, the festival is a marvelous melting pot of people and ideas. Throughout August 24, 2019, the Mayen Burgfestspiele Theatre Festival is the cultural highlight of the Northern Rhineland-Palatinate. Every summer, the quiet but neat town Mayen, located about 1 hour north of Mainz, turns into a colorful theater city, creating lasting memories.
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Frankfurt/Main: 'Apfelwein' (cider) in a ‘bembel’ (traditional tank)
Frankfurt’s Apfelwein festival
Summer is the kick-off for countless beer and wine festivals in Germany and Frankfurt has a festival that revolves entirely around its national drink, the Apfelwein (apple cider). It’s more than just a drink, it’s a culture, and it has influenced Frankfurt’s social scene for hundreds of years. Come enjoy between August 9 and 18, 2019, to try this specialty during the cities' Apple Wine Festival, enjoy various tasting booths, and take advantage of the nightlife throughout the Main metropolis. If you visit the festival, also try our traditional cider in one of the many restaurants.
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Bremerhaven: Havenwelten Bremerhaven
Celebrate the Music Summer in Bremerhaven
During the summer months of July, August, and September the seaside city of Bremerhaven in Northern Germany is staging a huge party. Every Thursday at 7 p.m., cover bands as good as the real deal will provide live entertainment to guests with the beautiful North Sea as the backdrop. Dive into the summer fun, enjoy culinary delights and a glass of wine or beer, while listening to summer music. And the best part yet: All 148 concerts are free.
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