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Extavium Potsdam - come along, join in, have fun!

Extavium Potsdam, the interactive science museum and educational facility for children and young people, promotes a DIY approach that encourages trial and experimentation from an early age.

Maths, physics, chemistry. In order to understand things you have to experience them. That was the idea behind the Extavium Potsdam, which turns science into fun and games. The giant laboratory with numerous exhibits, tailor-made for children and young people, invites big and small explorers on an exciting tour of discovery through the world of science. This interactive world offers something new to try out or marvel at around every corner. Freezing your own shadow on the wall, transforming movement into bird song or music, making a sphere hover slowly through an aluminium tube – these are only a few of the exciting things children can experience here and which teach them how it all works. Many have worked up a sweat while attempting to boil a cup of water by pedalling on the energy bicycle.


At the Extavium Potsdam children can build solar cells, create tornadoes, see around corners and run experiments with the tutors in the laboratories. One particular highlight is the marshmallow pump: the children put a chocolate-covered marshmallow ball under a cheese dome. They watch, fascinated, as the marshmallow inflates, growing larger and larger as the air is pumped out. As the air returns it shrinks again until it looks almost exactly as it did before. To top it all off, the children then get to eat the marshmallow ball. The fascinating and exciting experimentation courses are also very popular. These include building a mouse maze and learning about kitchen chemistry, photovoltaics, forensics and the physics of football. There is no better place for children to experiment and discover the secrets of science than this fun and educational children's museum in Potsdam. Interested? Well, what are you waiting for?