Pier at Sellin spa resort on the Baltic coast
Pier at Sellin spa resort on the Baltic coast ©Kurverwaltung Ostseebad Sellin (Pocha Burwitz)

Sellin spa resort on the Baltic coast – Rügen medicinal chalk and more

For over a hundred years Sellin has been the ideal destination for those actively seeking to preserve their health, thanks to the resort's mild yet bracing Baltic sea climate, its medicinal chalk therapies and its nutrient-rich muds.

In Sellin, the spa and wellness paradise on the island of Rügen, you can leave your worries behind, embrace your zest for life and come away feeling revitalised – especially after a treatment using the medicinal chalk that formed here more than 60 million years ago.

Health-restoring body masks

This fine-grained natural substance retains heat, cleanses the skin and draws out toxins. Rügen medicinal chalk is used in Sellin as a body mask, medicinal bath or exfoliating scrub and makes an effective therapeutic complement to the peat spas and mud treatments that are also commonly used here.

Where goodness is in the air

There are also health benefits to be found in Sellin's fresh coastal breeze, salty water and – most importantly – the iodine-rich sea air: Rügen's mild yet bracing climate is excellent medicine in itself. This is especially true for asthmatics, but the air also does good for sufferers of chronic bronchitis, high blood pressure, rheumatism, skin complaints, chronic musculoskeletal diseases and other conditions. A number of hotels in Sellin have specialised in modern spa treatments and pampering programmes.

Happy holidays!

Sellin indulges all the senses with three kilometres of beautiful, clean beaches, the historical pier, the annual pier festival and the nearby Sellin hills. For an extra memorable experience, take a walk through Jasmund National Park, roughly 30km north of Sellin. Its ancient beech forests date back over 700 years and enjoy the protection of UNESCO World Heritage status. The resort has everything you need for an unforgettable holiday that will leave you feeling as good as new.

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