Pilgrimage routes in the region of St. Wendel – moments to take pause

The hiking trails and pilgrimage routes that snake through the region of St. Wendel are thought to offer "moments to take pause". They connect Saarland's long-established pilgrimage sites, including St. Wendel, Tholey and Marpingen. They also reflect deep faith and are a source of strength for those who have set out on their journey.

"Moments to take pause" is the motto of the paths, and pilgrims can take this phrase literally: 40 boards with contemplative texts to inspire reflection and philosophical thought are dotted throughout the route. One of the many benches overlooking beautiful spots along the way is perfect for this activity...

Pilgrims on the Marien-Rundweg circular route around Marpingen can experience deep adoration of the Virgin Mary for themselves. In the 19th century, the Mother of God is said to have appeared to three little girls in the Härtelwald forest at the site where the Virgin Mary is worshipped today. Subsequent miracle healings at the site of the apparition soon led to this place being dubbed a "German Lourdes".

Soothing natural surroundings, glorious views and sacred sites await hikers on the Mauritius-Rundweg circular pilgrimage route, which starts and ends at Tholey Abbey. The Blasius Chapel, which was founded in 1246 as the abbey's pilgrimage chapel, is a Baroque gem along the route. The Holy Crosses along the pilgrimage route are reminiscent of the time when the Stations of the Cross led from Tholey to the chapel.

The Wendelinus-Pilgerweg pilgrimage route follows in the historic footsteps of St. Wendelin. At 15 kilometres in length, it is the longest of the four pilgrimage routes in the region of St. Wendel. Legend has it that the saint sought strength and inspiration in the region on his way to Rome and lived as an eremite in St. Wendel. The route starts at the Basilica of St. Wendelin and ends at Tholey Abbey.

The Basilica of St. Wendelin, one of the most beautiful late Gothic hall churches in western Germany, pays homage to the saint and marks the start and end point of the Wendelinus-Rundweg pilgrimage. The spiritual route also commemorates him as it passes the Wendelin Fountain and St. Wendelin's Chapel, a shrine to the Virgin Mary and reaches a stone slab dedicated to the saint with far-reaching views of the low mountains.

Four pilgrimage routes around St. Wendel

1. The Marien-Rundweg/length of route: approx. 10 km

Starts/ends: Marpingen

About the route: moderately difficult

2. The Mauritius-Rundweg/length of route: 8 km

Starts/ends: Tholey Abbey

About the route: moderate to difficult

3. The Wendelinus-Pilgerweg/length of route: approx. 15 km

Starts: St. Wendel

Ends: Tholey Abbey

About the route: moderately difficult

4. The Wendelinus-Rundweg/length of route: 8 km

Starts/ends: Basilica of St. Wendelin

About the route: easy-to-moderate difficulty

Arrival options for all four pilgrimage routes: change at Saarbrücken Central Station for regional trains to St. Wendel

Departure options: St. Wendel

About all routes: signposted with a pilgrim's staff symbol

Details of the tour can be downloaded (in German) from:

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