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Visitor information

  • Open all year
  • For children aged 4+
  • Max. 120kg body weight
  • Not suitable for people with acute injuries or shoulder, joint or back problems
  • Not suitable for pregnant women or people with cardiovascular disorders
  • Please always book in advance


Bottrop Indoor Skydiving Centre: experience the dream of flight

Welcome to the world's most modern high-performance wind tunnel, delivering the ultimate kick. The niche sport of bodyflight is great fun for all in the skydiving tunnel, in any wind or weather! Suitable for children aged four and above.

Bottrop Indoor Skydiving Centre: the dream of flight comes true! Now's the time, the tunnel is waiting! Germany's only professional indoor skydiving simulator is lots of fun for all-comers; even children aged four and above make their dreams of flying come true. Large or small, young or old, novice or thrill-seeker: anyone can feel the wind rushing against their face here – no previous experience or particular physical fitness is required. A professional instructor is on hand to supervise first-time flyers. The Indoor Skydiving Centre is open throughout the year for people to experience what it's like to feel only air beneath their feet. However, you're also more than welcome if you just want to watch first. Who knows, it might inspire you to have a go yourself!


I want – no, I HAVE to do that! In the world's most modern wind tunnel, at Bottrop Indoor Skydiving Centre, you take off for your authentic free-flight experience under the professional supervision of an instructor, and enjoy a mix of fun, adrenaline and emotion in a safe environment. Winds of up to 286 km/h gush through the 17-metre-high and 4.3-metre-wide glass tube in which beginners and pros alike get to glide through the air. You should bring comfortable clothing and lace-up trainers with light-coloured soles. The prices depend on how long and how frequently you fly and cover your induction, equipment rental (helmet, flight suit, ear plugs and goggles) and supervision by an experienced instructor. It's all there to create an authentic free-flight experience in wind speeds of up to 286 km/h. The flight is over: what a rush! Once you have left the wind tunnel, you are given your very own flight certificate and, for an additional charge, a DVD of your flight.

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