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ZOOM World of Adventure – around the world in a day

Deep in the heart of the Ruhr region, you can embark on an expedition spanning Alaska, Africa and Asia. ZOOM World of Adventure in Gelsenkirchen gives you the chance to discover the habitats, animals and unusual characteristics of distant lands – all in just one day.

Around the world in a day – this 30-hectare site brings you within touching distance of exotic animals, guaranteeing a thrilling day out for all the family. ZOOM World of Adventure's four themed lands, Alaska, Africa, Asia and Grimberger Hof, are home to more than 800 animals living in habitats that closely resemble their natural environments. The 1.3km route through the Alaskan zone guides you past hills and lakes, a roaring waterfall, an old gold mine (complete with the ghost of a gold digger) and a ranger station, and you are likely to spot the occasional lynx or snowy owl. In this land of extremes you can also get close to polar bears, moose, beavers and Kodiak bears, and visit Europe's biggest sea lion enclosure. The 1.8km African safari starts with a typical African gateway before continuing through the savannahs and on to the huge jungle hall. Along the way you'll see lions, giraffes, stately rhinos, chimpanzees swinging from tree to tree, and the baboons and flamingos that have islands all to themselves. In the exotic surroundings of the Asian zone, you explore a lush jungle paradise – a huge landscape of lakes, extensive rice fields and a canopy walk that leads you along walkways and bridges in the treetops. Grimberger Hof, the zone themed on a Westphalian farmyard, has a petting zoo with ponies, donkeys, chickens, guinea pigs, sheep and goats, as well as a beer garden and a climbing playground.


Your expedition is made all the more memorable by a boat ride on a replica of the African Queen or a multimedia voyage across the Arctic Ocean. One thing you're unlikely to see at ZOOM World of Adventure are the hidden barriers that separate the animals and visitors. Everywhere you go, you feel part of the environment. Younger guests can run and play in Dragonland, an indoor playground in the tropical paradise where they can climb over dragons and take over a ship. Another highlight amid the flora and fauna of distant lands are the park's themed restaurants, which serve dishes ranging from Westphalian fare to Asian delicacies.

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