Hinterm Horizont
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HINTERM HORIZONT (Beyond the Horizon), which tells the moving story of the 'girl from East Berlin', is playing at the Stage Theater am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, the exact same spot where Germany was once divided by the Berlin Wall. Part musical, part theatre, part rock show, HINTERM HORIZONT features 26 hits by the German rock legend Udo Lindenberg and makes for an entertaining lesson in recent history.

Truth and fiction are both the stuff of dreams in HINTERM HORIZONT, for Udo Lindenberg was the first West German rock star to be granted permission to play a concert in the GDR. His 1983 appearance at the Palast der Republik, which had the Stasi sweating and audiences weeping tears of joy, is the starting point for this fateful love story with the 'girl from East Berlin'. Udo meets and falls in love with Jessy, a member of the Free German Youth, but their love has no apparent future in a Germany divided by walls and barbed wire. Or so you would think …

Every evening in the Stage Theater am Potsdamer Platz, exactly where Germany was once divided by the Berlin Wall, up to 1,800 audience members can relive the drama of German reunification with all its iconic images, all its emotions and the hit songs of German rock legend Udo Lindenberg. A highly entertaining history lesson.

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