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Bad Bramstedt

Bad Bramstedt – mud spa in the Holsteiner Auenland region

Nestled between woods and moorland in the unmistakable Auenland countryside of Schleswig-Holstein lies the health resort of Bad Bramstedt, famous for having the biggest rheumatism clinic in northern Germany.

Bad Bramstedt is known throughout Germany thanks to the town's two specialist clinical centres: Bad Bramstedt hospital and the Schön Klinik, and is an extremely popular health and spa destination.

Moorland spa

The town's origins as a spa resort lie in its health-giving waters, which well up from a mineral spring in the Osterau valley. In addition to taking the waters, guests can enjoy health treatments using local mud, which provides particular relief to patients suffering from rheumatic disorders and chronic pain. The natural mud remedies are also effective in alleviating muscle conditions, spine and joint problems, ankylosing spondylitis and chronic back pain. The mud exercise pool – in which patients can submerge their entire body and swim in the mud – is particularly suited to treating all of these disorders.

Garden of the senses

A pleasant experience after a dip in the mud is a gentle stroll through the resort's Garden of the Senses: a 3,000m² outdoor space containing five hydrotherapy pools modelled on the principles of Sebastian Kneipp, in which visitors can abandon themselves to experiencing the element of water with all five senses. 'Exercise and balance' is a mantra permeating the entire resort and Bad Bramstedt offers its holiday guests a wide range of leisure and entertainment activities in addition to the facilities provided by its clinics. Whether you would like to dabble in a little sport, such as horse riding or canoeing tours, or maybe indulge in some beauty and wellness treatments, you will find all that you desire in Bad Bramstedt.