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椒盐卷饼 - 美味可口的圆饼干

椒盐卷饼 - 美味可口的圆饼干

在德国,面包和椒盐卷饼构成了烘焙制品的全部。椒盐卷饼的诞生伴随着不计其数的传说。其中一个故事称,施瓦本地区的椒盐卷饼在 500 年前就出现在施瓦本山脉边缘的 Bad Urach(巴德乌拉赫)。在那里的公爵庄园中,一名面包师失去了公爵的宠幸,等待死刑的降临。公爵给了他最后一个机会,让他在太阳第三次升起前制作出一道点心。最终,这道拯救了面包师性命的心血之作,正是 Brezel 椒盐卷饼。更多有趣的故事,可以前往 Ulm(乌尔姆)的 Museum der Brotkultur(面包文化博物馆)了解。


The International Danube Festival has been taking place every other year since 1998, putting the spotlight on a different topical theme from politics or culture each time. A wide spectrum of cultures and lifestyles join together for the festival in Ulm and Neu-Ulm to celebrate the international Danube partnership and to strengthen relations between the communities connected by the river Danube.

For ten days Ulm city centre and the banks of the Danube buzz with activity, as international artists and guests gather to celebrate the coming-together of all the countries and regions along the Danube from the Swabian Alb all the way to the Black Sea via Bavaria, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania. The diverse nature of the Danube region soon becomes apparent, and is further reinforced by the many events that make this festival so special. Whether through music and dance or literature and theatre, every Danube country puts its best foot forward. This celebration of diversity is extended to the food and drink on offer too. The festival is always firmly focused on 'unity in diversity', the guiding principle of cultural cooperation in Europe in general and the Danube region in particular.


03.07.2020 - 12.07.2020


89077 Ulm