The Lutherbrunnen well
The Lutherbrunnen well ©Thüringer Tourismus GmbH (Andreas Weise)
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A pilgrimage in Thuringia to mark the year of Luther – guided by your inner voice

It is not a new pilgrimage route, but it is certainly a "healing" one: the route from the Elisabethbrunnen well in Friedrichroda's Reinhardsbrunn district to the Lutherbrunnen well in Tambach-Dietharz, where Luther was once rid of his suffering. This is a route for reflecting on health, healing and the ever so important inner voice.

Although good health forms the basis of all human life, healing is the key theme of this route which is influenced by two people. The first is Saint Elizabeth of Thuringia, who dedicated her life to the welfare and care of the poor and the sick. The second is Martin Luther, who wrote an elated letter to his wife to tell her that on his way from Schmalkalden to Wittenberg, the water from the spring in Tammichgrund had cured him of his kidney complaint, giving him a "second life". Nevertheless, the spring was not tapped until 1717, when it was christened the "Doctor Martin Lutherbrunnen" well.

Visitors can embark upon a guided hike on Saturday, 14 October 2017 – during the year of Luther – to follow in his footsteps. The route starts at the Elisabethbrunnen well in the former Reinhardsbrunn Abbey complex, where the reformer often stayed under the guise of "Junker Jörg" (the Knight George) during his time at Wartburg Castle, and passes through Friedrichroda and Georgenthal, where it ends at the Lutherbrunnen well in Tambach-Dietharz. The route is dedicated to Luther's recovery in Tambach in 1537. It is a route inviting pilgrims to take an introspective look at their own health and search for their inner voice. How the route ultimately affects the inner self remains each individual's personal secret.

From the Elisabethbrunnen well to the Lutherbrunnen well (from 2017)

Length of route: approx. 20 km

Starts: Reinhardsbrunn, Friedrichroda

Ends: Tambach-Dietharz

Arrival options: change at Eisenach Central Station for regional trains to Friedrichroda

Departure options: Tambach-Dietharz

About the route: moderately difficult

Tip: if you can't make it to the pilgrimage in October 2017, you can also visit Reinhardsbrunn on the 2017 International Day of Peace (Thursday, 21 September) to experience the opening of the Garten der Religionen (Garden of the Religions), a new meeting place for joint efforts to promote peace between Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

The project will be supplemented with a storytelling café and a multimedia information point
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