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Visit your favourite animal at Augsburg Zoo!

A hugely popular attraction in the Bavarian Swabia region, Augsburg Zoo is located within easy reach of Augsburg city centre, beside the botanical gardens and on the northern fringes of the Siebentischwald woods.

More than 2,000 animals, from all over the world and representing over 350 species, live in around 22 child-friendly hectares at Augsburg Zoo.

There is so much to discover on an animal expedition in this park-like urban zoo: fur seals splashing around as they are fed, a vigilant pride of lions at the entrance, free-roaming peacocks, proudly displaying their feathers and always on the hunt for a treat, the feisty capuchin monkeys and the curious meerkats. You can see penguins swimming, watch giraffes eating and count the stripes on the zebras. Visitors young and old will be enchanted by this beautiful zoo. It has everything an animal lover could ever wish for, from the lion to the zebra, from the elephant to the hummingbird. In the big cat enclosure you can marvel at lions and tigers, and admire other special residents such as the striped hyena and the rare Persian leopard in the new enclosure. There is also a special rocky habitat for wild goat-antelopes including the East Caucasian tur, the markhor, the ibex and the mountain goat. In the tropical glasshouse you'll discover the flora and fauna of the tropical rainforests.


The three-hectare Africa panorama at the heart of the zoo is home to all kinds of different animals, including giraffes, zebras, antelopes and Ankole longhorn cattle. The bear enclosure and the seal feedings are also very popular. Children aged six and above can hear lots of exciting and amusing stories about Augsburg Zoo and its animals on a special guided tour. Along the way, they are given examples of fur, eggs, feathers, skin and hair to touch and smell, while the chance to watch a zookeeper at work provides the highlight of the tour. A ride around the children's zoo on the train is lots of fun in summer. Kids will also love the adorable baby animals and, of course, the petting zoo and adventure playground.



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