Stylish streets and traditional pubs: Düsseldorf
  • Learning German in your spare time
    Learning German in your spare time ©Frank Blümler (Frank Blümler)

Discover the language, country and people.
Learn German as a hobby.

Improve, gain access to a wonderful destination, learn about various cultural aspects: When you learn German in Germany, you benefit in three ways and end up having an amazing, exciting and unforgettable holiday.

Do you want to focus more on the holiday or the learning? It's completely up to you. Choose between group or one-to-one courses, do a quick crash course or take it easy and have lessons once or twice a week. You are guaranteed to achieve so much with your language learning.

A wide range of locations are also available: Choose from major cities like Cologne, Frankfurt or Dresden, historic cities like the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bayreuth with the famous Wagner festivals or the quaint town of Radolfzell am Bodensee. If you can't make up your mind, why not combine? Start your course in the heart of Berlin and then finish your lessons in tranquil Constance.

Even if you stay in one place, you can see so much as almost every language school is in a central location. Major attractions, shopping facilities, events, restaurants and bars are easy to get to on foot or with public transport. The "Volksfeste" (peoples' festivals) that pop up all over each city and district are a really nice way to experience German "Gemütlichkeit" (congeniality) first hand. People come together at these events and are willing to have a good natter.

Vee, a teacher from the U.S.

Vee (62), a teacher from the U.S.

"My favourite German food is white asparagus. You can see farmers selling it on the street, even in cities, in June. And the restaurants and pubs serve all kinds of asparagus dishes – yum!"

It goes without saying that you can also book individual excursions and discover the tourist attractions, including some of the 41 UNESCO World Heritage Sites or the 100+ nature reserves, for yourself. If you would rather explore Germany as a group, you will love the courses with accompanying leisure programmes. The tours are part of the curriculum at these schools. So don't be surprised if you have to count the 452 steps in St. Michael's Church in Hamburg in German.

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