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Restaurant August

August restaurant – culinary art in Augsburg

The move to the old Haag-Villa in Augsburg is a dream come true for Head Chef Christian Grünwald: with its extensive gardens, stuccoed and wooden coffered ceilings, terrazzo and parquet floors, the Villa is the perfect showcase for the Head Chef's culinary works of art. The guest list is exclusive. The three dining areas, designed by set decorator Philipp Fürhofer under the chef's instructions, can accommodate no more than twelve diners.

Christian Grünwald sees himself as a performer who strives to surprise his diners time and time again. Visitors need to allow lot of time for their experience, as Grünwald is a passionate chef who enjoys celebrating the evening with his guests. Consisting of up to 20 courses, his menus impress with their imaginative presentation as well as their creative flavours.

Restaurant August

Head Chef: Christian Grünwald

Cuisine style*: creative, modern

Prices (not including drinks)*: from €169

Michelin Guide*:

"There is nothing "off-the-peg" here! Seated at "campfire-style" tables in a high-ceilinged room decorated with beautiful frescos on the first floor of the extensively renovated Haag-Villa, diners enjoy excellent service and Christian Grünwald's signature cuisine: distinctive, sophisticated and with a firm focus on produce."

Contact and Reservations:
Restaurant August
Johannes-Haag-Straße 14
86153 Augsburg
Tel.: +49 (0)821 35279

The prices quoted are purely indicative.
*Source: www.bookatable.com