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For years, the bald BLUE MEN have been entertaining audiences in cities such as New York, Tokyo, Las Vegas and Berlin. And now, in the Stage BLUEMAX Theatre, the BLUE MAN GROUP is performing a crazy live show that is speechless and will leave you speechless. So it's a fabulous experience even if you don't understand a word of German.

Three blue men went out to entertain the world is the simple formula behind the BLUE MAN GROUP's success. They started in New York then took their unusual show to cities including Boston, Chicago, Orlando, Tokyo and Las Vegas. Their unique mix of music, comedy, art and science was something that the happening hotspot of Berlin simply had to have.

Nine times a week the three bald BLUE MEN take audiences on a one-off musical journey that is entertaining, thrilling and hilarious. The show moves along at a fast tempo with infectious beats and is a visual as much as an aural delight. Supported by four other musicians, the BLUE MEN constantly communicate with the audience via their drumming skills and their instruments specially created for the production. They engage with the 600 audience members and get them involved in the entertainment. The blue men communicate through gestures, glances and music, rather than words, so you can enjoy the show to the full even if you don't understand any German. Without speaking, the blue men's loud, crazy, colourful performance will leave you speechless.