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Rendsburg High Bridge and transporter bridge

German Ferries Route – A maritime experience

The German Ferries Route is a 250 km waterside museum starting at Bremervörde that connects fords and pram ferries, impressively elaborate 19th-century transporter bridges, modern bridges and tunnels all the way along the Oste river, Elbe estuary and Kiel canal as far as the Kiel Fjord.

Seventeen ferries to travel on, and thirteen bridges to cross, as the route's slogan proudly proclaims. Taking the ferry is an experience to be savoured as you cross between moorland, sandy heathland and marshes, flanked by dykes and lighthouses, with gulls circling overhead and cruise ships gliding gently past. The calm, maritime surroundings of northern Germany showcase nigh on every conceivable method of crossing a stretch of water, from ancient animal fords to the world's most state-of-the-art cruise liners.

A water route with countless detours

Exploring this region is a dream come true, with maritime plants blooming in secluded spots and old harbours, ships, cranes and warehouses, each with a story to tell. Every so often you encounter a historical town, a quaint little village, a church with a pencil-thin spire, fascinating scenery or a perfect habitat for birds. Here in the north of Germany there are countless leisure activities to help while away the time, with something to suit casual and sports cyclists, watersports enthusiasts and hikers, gourmets, art lovers and of course children.

Detour: cycling along the canal

Rivers and the sea cut across your route but fords and ferries allow you to continue. The German Ferries Route boasts more historical and modern ways of crossing a stretch of water than any other location. The Oste region around the Osten-Hemmoor transporter bridge is also perfect for sea kayaks and cabin cruisers. No licence is needed for five-horsepower houseboats in the Oste river as far as the flood barrier at Neuhaus.

From the Oste to Kiel

The marshes and fens between the Oste river and Baltic Sea feature more than 50 ferries, bridges, tunnels, locks, barrages, as well as natural wonders, culture and a rich array of maritime treasures. Savour all the surprises of all shapes and sizes along this waterway through the north of Germany.

German Ferries Route

Length: approximately 250 km

Theme: bridges, ferries, waterways, nature, culture

Balje: lighthouse, the Natureum Niederelbe open-air museum
Bremervörde: marina, play ferry
Brunsbüttel: North Baltic Canal, lock, canal museum
Glücksstadt: Elbe port (Elbhafen) Gräpel: pram ferry
Hechthausen: Geesthof holiday park
Hemmoor: cement barge, transporter bridge
Kiel: bascule bridge, coastal inlet, Maritime Museum
Oberndorf: bascule bridge
Osten: ferry house in the local history museum, bottle museum (Buddelmuseum)
Rendsburg: high bridge and ferry house
Wischhafen: Kehding Coastal Shipping Museum (Kehdinger Küstenschifffahrtsmuseum)



The Kiel Week regatta, held in the regional capital of Schleswig-Holstein, is the largest sailing event in the world and a festival celebrated by millions. Besides the top sporting action, Kiel Week presents sailing in all its fascinating diversity – from classic yachts and cutter regattas on Kiel's inner firth to the grand parade of tall ships on the second Saturday of the event.

At Kiel Firth, where the sea seems to meet the sky, you can experience all the maritime charm of northern Germany. For 30 years, sailing fans and visitors from all over the world have gathered here to enjoy northern Europe's biggest summer festival. The event features around 2,000 ships and boats, regattas in every Olympic discipline and 16 other national and international boat classes – not to mention musical entertainment and delicious food and drink. And you don't need to be a sailing enthusiast to enjoy the ten-day programme – the breathtaking parade of around one hundred historical sailing ships and the spectacular firework display over Kiel Firth are two highlights enjoyed by all. A classical open-air concert outside the town hall, jazz resonating from the city's lanes and culinary delights from kitchen, cellar or galley are all part of the programme. An adventure park for budding explorers, a cities forum, a number of exhibitions and the International Warsteiner Hot Air Balloon Sail complete the programme for this unique festival. There's nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world, which is why the world descends on Kiel year after year.

Následující termíny:

22.06.2019 - 30.06.2019

Místo konání akce

Kieler Hafen
24103 Kiel

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