Leisure parks – you'll be amazed.

Germany's leisure parks and interactive exhibitions combine fun with action, the fascinating with the curious, and the down-to-earth with the exotic. Some are traditional, others futuristic – all are designed with a love of detail and special attention to visitors' individual needs.
Children ascending onto the conveyor bridge
Visitor Mine Conveyor Bridge F60

The Visitor Mine Conveyor Bridge F60 near Finsterwalde, also called the 'Reclining Eiffel Tower of Lusatia', brings home the incredible dimensions of the former open brown coal pit. Special tours are available for all the senses and for visitors with learning difficulties.

Finest confectionery pralines at the VIBA Nougat World
Viba NOUGAT World in Schmalkalden

Viba NOUGAT World in Schmalkalden lets you experience pure indulgence via its interactive and informative exhibition, various culinary courses, the Viba Shop and the Epicure (Genießer) Bistro & Café Lounge. The centre has been awarded the 'Humanitarian' badge by the Disabled Persons Advisory Committee of Schmalkalden town council.

The Game Zone at HAWOGE-Spielemagazin with wheelchair-friendly table football, chill-out seats and big screen
HaWoGe Spielemagazin in Halberstadt

The HaWoGe Spielemagazin in Halberstadt is an indoor play centre with various theme areas which are suitable for young and old alike, and for visitors with or without disabilities. The wheelchair carousel is a particular highlight and the Birthday Rooms are designed to meet the needs of partially sighted/deaf children.

'Africa Enclosure' at Hagenbeck Zoo with flamingos, a zebra and a lioness.
Hagenbeck Zoo

Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg has amazed visitors for over a century with its botanical diversity, historically preserved panoramas and impressive ice lake. More than 1,850 animals from all the continents are waiting to be discovered! All paths and facilities are suitable for wheelchairs and walking frames.

Girls wearing climbing equipment on the high ropes course at Senapolis indoor leisure park
Sensapolis Indoor Leisure Park

Lying just outside Stuttgart, Sensapolis Indoor Leisure Park serves up attractions for every age group: 16 slides, a fairy-tale castle, a space ship with a space exhibition and a knowledge centre. Entrances to most attractions are barrier-free.

Visitors on accessible footpaths passing the animal enclosures at Heidelberg Zoo
Heidelberg Zoo

Heidelberg Zoo ranks among the most innovative in Germany. In five themed areas, visitors experience a colourful animal kingdom with a special focus on the relationship between humans and animals. A carousel suitable for disabled people and trampolines add to the fun.

Many children enjoying Karl's Village of Discovery with wide footpaths and ponies at the wayside
Karl's Village of Discovery near Berlin

Karl's Village of Discovery in Elstal near Berlin is a paradise for families, adults and senior citizens. Visitors can watch the cooks' and bakers' at work in three factories, where the live presentations are an adventure for all the senses. The Village of Discovery is barrier-free; upon request, tours for visitors with learning difficulties can be arranged.

Visitors in an interior space at Babelsberg Film Park
Babelsberg Film Park

Lying just outside Berlin, Babelsberg Film Park employs a grandiose mixture of entertainment, action, and authentic film and TV to provide insights into the exciting work of movie professionals. An audio guide provides extensive commentary that includes authentic insider stories.

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