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Saar Bow

The Viez Road – The things that can happen to an apple

The approximately 150 km long Viez Route or Route de Cidre is simply buzzing with life. The signposted route runs through colourful orchards from Wallerfangern through the Saar-Mosel-Gau to Konz where everything revolves around the apple. This route has something for EVERYONE! Not just suitable for keen walkers and cyclists, it is also an excellent route for car trips of all shapes and sizes, as well as winding motorcycle tours.

"Our countryside is delicious" is the appetising motto of the Viez Road, which snakes through the varied landscape of the Saar-Mosel-Gau to the Saargau itself. Here almost everything revolves around the apple: in autumn the fruit is pressed to make juice, which is then used by the farmers to produce traditional Viez (cider), apple schnapps, a variety of liquors and anything else that you could possibly imagine could be made from an apple.

An entire route intoxicated by apples

The good reputation of the Viez Route is not based solely on cider. The region's refined schnapps and liquors are also of an exceptionally high standard. You can discover this for yourself in one of the many welcoming establishments found along the way, where your hosts will be all too happy to offer informative insights into the drinks, as well as tasting sessions. Another unmissable speciality, and a wonderful accompaniment to the bitter-tasting Viez, is "Viezbraten", a joint of beef marinated in cider served with apples and plums.

Everyone can indulge their appetite for apples

Along the Viez Road one fruit distillery follows on from another, through enchanting countryside, colourful orchards, interesting Roman villas and many more attractions found between the Moselle and Saar. All along the route there are also apple orchards, quaint guesthouses, cosy restaurants serving specialities made from apples, tasting venues, as well as farm shops and farmers' markets. In spring, everything is covered by a sea of white flowers; in late summer when the apples are harvested, the orchards and apple farms are simply full of excitement.

Thousands of apple trees: the Saargau's defining feature

The nice thing about this region is that you don't have to wait for a festival to enjoy refined wines and good food: these can be found at any time! Merzig is the capital of the Viez Road and the core of the apple crate where everything happens. In mid-September the "Apple Picnic" is the starting shot for the Pick Your Own season whilst the annual "Hochwald Fruit Brandy Days" event (Hochwälder Edelbrandtage), which is held in the middle of February, is a popular forum for schnapps and liquor aficionados. You can also revel in the natural splendour of the Saar Bow which is just a stone's throw away.

The Viez Road

Length: approximately 150 km

Theme: Viez (cider), apples and countryside

Fisch: The Stream of Life feature on the village green (Lebensfluss-Dorfpark)
Kastel-Staadt: grotto
Konz: Roscheider Hof Open-Air Museum
Kreuzweiler: The Bulldog Museum
Mettlach: porcelain manufacturing, Saar Bow
Merzig: Wolf Park
Niedaltdorf: dripstone cave
Orscholz: "Cloef" observation point
Perl-Borg: Roman villa
Saarburg: waterfall
Siersburg: Castle Tawern: Roman temple complex
Wallerfangen: Emilianus tunnel