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Tierpark Hellabrunn i München. Verdens første geo-zoo.

Tierpark Hellabrunn i München. Verdens første geo-zoo.

Hellabrunn er ikke en almindelig byzoo, Hellabrunn er en institution. Med sine 17.000 dyr og en forrygende natur er den blandt de største og smukkeste zoologiske haver i Tyskland. Et besøg her føles nærmest som en verdensrejse gennem de forskellige kontinenter!

Ved den første festlige åbning af Tierpark Hellabrunn den 1. august 1911 var der næppe nogen, der havde turdet håbe, at haven ville være så fabelagtig smuk 100 år senere. Grundstenen dertil blev dog lagt allerede dengang – valget af beliggenhed i det fredede område Isarauen var perfekt. I dette enestående naturparadis lever dyrene i store, naturlige miljøer omgivet af smukke bække og vandløb.

Hellabrunn var desuden den første dyrepark i verden, som ikke opdelte dyrene efter art, men i stedet lod dem leve sammen i overensstemmelse med deres naturlige miljø – her opstod begrebet geo-zoo. Denne kombination af spektakulært landskab og geo-zoo-princippet giver de besøgende mulighed for at se dyrene på tæt hold i naturlige omgivelser, som man ellers kun forventer i naturen. Kæmpemæssige 18 meter høje fuglevolierer med et areal på 5.000 m², smukke koralrev i akvariet, et flot elefantanlæg, orangutangparadiset og jungleteltet til blandt andet løverne og masser af andre højdepunkter gør Hellabrunn til en fantastisk oplevelse for alle.

Tierpark Hellabrunn i München. Verdens første geo-zoo.

The children's zoo with its adventure playground and petting zoo is always popular with the little ones. Hellabrunn Zoo also has a toddler-friendly water park with a treetop trail and family-friendly café. People of all ages will love the shows and feeding displays featuring the elephants, polar bears and lions. The undisputed stars among the zoo's inhabitants are the adorable baby animals. With more than 19,000 animals at Hellabrunn Zoo there are new additions throughout the year and each one is looking forward to your visit!


The GOP Variety Theatre Munich is a place where dreams are just beginning. It's curtain up for the glittering world of variety, for its magicians and aerialists, its comedians and compères, for the whole world of acrobatic arts and live entertainment. The former comedy theatre Max II continues the GOP Entertainment Group's tradition of finding extraordinary venues for its variety theatres.

For many years, until 2007, the Kleine Komödie am Max II was an integral part of Munich's cultural scene, featuring well-known performers including Johannes Heesters, Ilja Richter, Grit Boettcher, Uschi Glas, Heinz Rühmann and Walter Sedlmayr. When this prestigious venue was forced to close its doors in 2007, the opportunity arose to reopen it as a new GOP Variety Theatre. Since 2008 a series of modern, innovative shows has taken to the stage, each one for two months. Linked by a common theme, the individual shows leave the audience in raptures time and time again. Profound, poetic or bursting with life and energy, each show offers a different experience. Exceptional stage shows and culinary delights combine to create an evening to thrill the senses. The winning combination of premium live entertainment, creative gastronomic concepts and friendly, competent service is precisely what makes the GOP Variety Theatre Munich such a hit with audiences and keeps them coming back for more.

Næste tidspunkter:

19.07.2019 - 03.11.2019

Sted for arrangement

GOP Varieté-Theater München
Maximilianstraße 47
80538 Munich
Fon: +49 (0)89 210 288 444

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Munich is where the gallery weekend was first held. Every September since 1989, Munich's art houses have opened their doors to visitors for the Open Art event, presenting a variety of their latest and most exceptional works of contemporary art. 

Today around 70 galleries take part in this collaborative event. The equally successful Gallery Weekend in Berlin, launched in 2004, is an offshoot of the Munich event.

Næste tidspunkter:

14.09.2019 - 16.09.2019

Sted for arrangement

Wittelsbacherplatz 3
80333 Munich

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When it's the Wies'n – local speak for Oktoberfest – in Munich, the Bavarian capital, around seven million people make the pilgrimage to Theresienwiese. This is the world's biggest beer festival, so the catering is on a massive scale: millions of roast chickens are eaten and a veritable herd of spit-roast oxen is washed down by several million towering mugs of beer. Dating back over 200 years, the Oktoberfest is a hallowed tradition that, despite its size, still spells out what it means to be Bavarian.

It has millions of international fans and has spawned many imitations around the world – but there can only ever be one original Oktoberfest. Ever since Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria married Princess Therese in 1810 and a grand horse race was held in a field on the edge of the city, the site has been known as Theresienwiese – and the Oktoberfest as the Wies'n. Traditionally the festivities begin on the dot of noon on the first Saturday after 15 September, when the mayor of Munich taps the first keg and yells "O’zapft is!" Once the Oktoberfest is officially open, a twelve-gun salute signals to the bar staff to get the beer flowing and then there's no holding back. The 10,000 seats in the beer tents start to fill up, the fairground rides whirl, the band strikes up and it's party time. Be sure to book your hotel room well in advance because, like the seats in the beer tents, they're few and far between at Wiesn time.

Næste tidspunkter:

21.09.2019 - 06.10.2019

Sted for arrangement

80339 München

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