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There are other SEA LIFE attractions in Germany in Hannover, Berlin, Munich, Königswinter, Constance and Speyer and at Legoland Deutschland in Günzburg.

SEA LIFE Adventure Park – a world of fun, fantasy and fish!

There is so much to explore at SEA LIFE Adventure Park, including the SEA LIFE aquarium, the outdoor playground, the log flume and lots of other smaller rides. Located right next door to the CentrO leisure complex in Oberhausen, it's an unforgettable day out for all the family!

SEA LIFE Adventure Park in Oberhausen offers a fantastic mix of thrilling fairground rides and mesmerising marine life. The 8.5-hectare site is split into amazing theme worlds full of adventure and discoveries, including an icy expedition to the South Pole and encounters with some lively Gentoo penguins. Explore the SEA LIFE Adventure Park from inside one of the African safari Jeeps or hop on the Shanghai Express for a journey to the Far East. Two free-fall slides and four water slides – the longest measuring twelve metres – guarantee smiles all round. It's a similar story at the adventure playground where younger guests can run wild on rope bridges, climbing frames, towers and slides or splash around in the water playground. You can also turn treasure hunter for the day – try panning for gold and see who can find the biggest piece. Reach for the sky bouncing high on the trampoline, or race to be the fastest through the hedge maze. The SEA LIFE Aquarium's 50 tanks and pools are home to more than 5,000 marine creatures – from clownfish and jellyfish to rays, sharks and seahorses. The SEA LIFE Aquarium and the SEA LIFE Adventure Park – it's a marriage made in heaven!


The park's behind-the-scenes tour takes you on a fascinating journey into the working world of the SEA LIFE aquarists. Step backstage in the huge aquarium and discover the technology behind the tropical tank, which holds 1.5 million litres of water. Take a sneak-peek at the breeding pools, where young marine creatures are cared for by the aquarists until they are big enough to join the adult species in the main tank. Your guide then takes you through to the kitchen, where all the delicious treats are prepared for the aquatic residents. Here you can look at the feed and animal snacks up close under the microscope. For an unforgettable view of the tropical ocean tank, climb aboard the glass-bottomed boat. And, don't miss your chance to meet the marine life in the interactive touchpool, where you can stroke a starfish, find out what anemone tentacles feel like and pick up a shrimp or crab in your hands!

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