Disney's musical TARZAN

Disney's Musical TARZAN takes audiences on an unforgettable jungle journey right in the centre of Stuttgart. The Stage Apollo Theatre in Stuttgart presents the famous story of the young man who is looking for his roots and finds the love of his life, a show with spectacular lighting effects, breathtaking aerial choreography and music by Phil Collins.

Nearly 2,000 people at the Stage Apollo Theatre in Stuttgart are whisked away to the jungle... the light shimmers, the birds twitter and Tarzan and his companions swing from vine to vine, seemingly defying gravity, as the jungle drums rumble and the waves whisper in the distance. Against this perfectly recreated jungle backdrop, Disney's musical TARZAN tells the famous, universally popular story of the young man who grew up with gorillas and meets the beautiful Jane when searching for his family origins. It's the beginning of a great love story between two people from two different worlds who are suddenly confronted by the decision of their life.

As if from nowhere, the 24 actors keep appearing above the audience's heads, swinging headfirst around the auditorium at breathtaking speed. At every show 2,000 people are transported from the city to the depths of the jungle, into a magical world of acrobatic feats with an awesome backdrop and exhilarating music by seven-time Grammy winner Phil Collins. The drums roll for eight jungle-beat performances every week.


Lähenevad kuupäevad:

11.10.2019 - 02.02.2020

Ürituse toimumiskoht

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 38
70173 Stuttgart

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