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Bird’s-eye view of Bad Waldsee, between two lakes

Spa Cycle Route - spa hopping

It may seem a little unlikely to find a cycle path that connects spa resorts, thermal baths and tranquil, historic old towns. Perhaps that is why there are so many options for taking a break on this demanding route.

The Spa Cycle Route between Lake Constance and Allgäu charts an undulating course through varied natural scenery featuring lakes, hills and moorland, forests and meadows, nature reserves and parks. There is plenty of variety to be found on this challenging long-distance cycle path with fantastic views and alpine vistas.

Following a hilly start in Überlingen on Lake Constance, the cycle route heads through the Pfrunger Ried, one of the largest upland moors in Germany, and on to Bad Saulgau, where the first thermal spa on the route, the Sonnenhof-Therme, is the perfect place to rest those weary legs. Don't let aching muscles stop you from taking a trip to the nearby Wackelwald forest. The tree roots are embedded in soft moorland, so the forest floor shakes with every step you take after heavy rainfall. Back on terra firma, the ride continues to the brewery in Bad Schussenried and the Schwaben-Therme spa resort in Aulendorf. The next scheduled health and fitness stop is in Bad Waldsee, where you can enjoy a paddle in Stadtsee Lake. unteThe route continues to Bad Wurzach, where you can lie back and relax in the Vitalium-Therme spa resort, before heading through the mountainous terrain of the Unterallgäu district. In the idyllic village of Bad Grönenbach, there is a Kneipp resort under Hohes Schloss castle. The final leg of the journey involves a ride along the railway tracks to the market town of Ottobeuren, followed by a hilly section to your destination of Bad Wörishofen, with distant views of the alpine foothills along the way. What is on the agenda here? The last thermal spa resort on the Spa Cycle Route of course!

Characteristics: Nine spa resorts with thermal baths and Kneipp facilities, old towns with historic town centres, monasteries, castles and museums. And there is plenty of stunning scenery in between, including Lake Constance, the Upper Swabian hills and the Allgäu.

Scenery: The challenging route is rewarded with distant views of the Alps, a broad vista down into the valleys, fascinating moorland scenery and secluded lakes.

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Since 2005 a special festival has taken place in honour of Germany's UNESCO World Heritage sites, of which there are now 40.

On the first Sunday in June these places of outstanding historical or natural interest open their doors to the public, raising awareness of Germany's rich cultural heritage with a host of informative and entertaining activities. The main event is organised by a different World Heritage site every year.

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