On a journey along the Wine Route. An – accessible! – pilgrimage for all

As the saying goes: "in vino veritas". If you believe this, then the Wine Route is the ideal pilgrimage for exploring your inner self. This indulgent trail from Koblenz to Konstanz boasts ever-changing scenery and exciting cultural history. The entire route is accessible, so it is perfect for hikers and wheelchair users who like to hike.

The Wine Route follows mainly historic pilgrimage trails, starting in the picturesque Deutsches Eck (German Corner) in Koblenz. It promises to be an enjoyable journey. With Riesling from the vineyards of the Romantic Middle Rhine Valley, which is hugely popular due to its mild Mediterranean climate. With Trollinger and other exquisite wines from the almost invariably steep slopes in Baden-Württemberg, where you are bound to come across the quarter measures served in Swabia on your way to the Swabian Jura. With top wines and plenty of holiday spirit. Sitting by Lake Constance, in Konstanz, where the Wine Route ends, locals love to tell visitors the story of how the first ever Pinot Noir grapes were grown in the nearby village of Bodman by Charlemagne's great-grandson.

This pilgrimage route takes hikers past ancient castles, churches, monasteries and chapels. It offers many opportunities to meditate, including historic sites and pleasant places to stop. We recommend you take all the time in the world on this route, as it is easily adapted to your individual needs. On foot, by bike or in a wheelchair. On excellent agricultural roads, cycle paths and hiking routes. You can find a comprehensive description of the route, including detailed information on the individual sections and sights along the way, tips and plenty of useful suggestions on accessible travel and accommodation options, in German, at www.pilgern-bewegt.de. This site is designed with wheelchair users in mind but is also useful for travel companions and trailblazers.

The Wine Route

Total length of route: approx. 515 km

Pilgrim hostels along the route?: Yes

Starts: Koblenz

Ends: Konstanz

Arrival options: Koblenz Central Station

Departure options: Konstanz

About the route: easy-to-moderate difficulty throughout the route, some slightly uphill and downhill terrain around the Swabian Jura; various signposts along the route

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