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Where jazz has never sounded better – in the club

To be able to talk about improvisation in music, one first has to experience it live. Several hundred clubs, festivals and concert halls in Germany regularly feature jazz musicians of local, national and international standing. And many a German jazz club has become famous overseas.

The Tonne jazz club in Dresden has had a colourful past. It took its name from the cellar vaults under the Kurländer Palais, where jazz concerts were held back in the days of the GDR. The Neue Tonne opened in the cellars of the Kulturrathaus in the year 2000.

Back in 1978, jazz used to be played at Zur Unterfahrt, the railworkers' bar near Munich's Ostbahnhof station. Now the international press regularly lists the Unterfahrt club in Munich-Haidhausen as one of Europe's ten best jazz clubs. Its home since 1998 has been the subterranean Einstein arts venue near Max-Weber-Platz.

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