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Leizig: St. Thomas Boys Choir
Leipzig: St. Thomas Boys Choir

Thomana 800th anniversary 2012
Leipzig hosts a year full of highlights

In 2012 the three divisions of the Thomana, Leipzig's oldest cultural institution – St. Thomas Church, St. Thomas Boys Choir and St. Thomas School – are celebrating their 800th anniversary. Leipzig is marking the occasion with an exciting programme of events and inviting visitors from all over the world to join the celebrations.

A school was annexed to St. Thomas Church in Leipzig 800 years ago which went on to produce a boys choir of world renown. In return for their education and keep, the boys sang at church services, baptisms and weddings. Even today the St. Thomas Boys Choir, which represents the choir and the school as one entity, is a flagship Leipzig institution. Throughout 2012 Leipzig will be hosting a wide range of concerts and exhibitions on the theme '800th THOMANA anniversary – have faith, sing, learn'. The Leipzig St. Thomas Boys Choir has a reputation for musical excellence which goes far beyond the boundaries of Saxony.

Thanks to the choir's reputation, Leipzig became an important, highly esteemed centre for music, and many famous composers wrote works specially for the choir. The most famous Thomaner cantor is Johann Sebastian Bach, who held the post from 1723 to 1750. A bronze statue next to St. Thomas Church commemorates the great composer. Bach plays a central role in the anniversary celebrations this year. The 'St. Thomas Choir Network' exhibition will be at Leipzig's Bach Museum from 16 March to 22 July 2012 and looks at the everyday life of the choirboys in Bach's time. From 9 May to 31 July 2012, the Bach Museum is showing an exhibition about Bach's theological works entitled 'Bach - Bible - Songbook'. It includes two Bibles from Bach's estate, one of which contains the composer's handwritten notes. Another highlight is the Bach Festival from 7 to 17 June 2012. Every year, this fantastic event attracts music lovers from all over the world. It is a major international music festival and in 2012 is devoted entirely to the St. Thomas Choir anniversary. Eminent musicians such as the present St. Thomas cantor Georg Biller will be performing the music of Johann Sebastian Bach in locations where that most illustrious holder of the post once worked.

Join in the celebrations and experience the magic of one of Germany's oldest boys choirs. Get ready to share in a year full of highlights in Leipzig!