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Traditions and customs from A to Z
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Fresh asparagus for sale in the Münsterland region
Cuckoo clock made in Baden-Württemberg
Karl Drais invented the first draisine in Karlsruhe
Fine wines at the vineyard
Halloren Kugeln from Saxony-Anhalt
Bavarian beer
Apfelwein from Hessen
Pretzels from Baden-Württemberg
Maritime Museum in Hamburg
Enjoying East Frisian tea at the harbour
Blade production in Solingen
Wicker beach chairs and sandcastles by the sea
Up close with a herd of Heidschnucke sheep
Glass manufacture with a long history
Nutcrackers – the pride and joy of traditional Erzgebirge crafts
Enjoying the local wine at a vintner's tavern in Baden-Württemberg
Markthalle Neun
Green sauce
Guided tour of the Mercedes-Benz factory in Bremen

Old customs, modern times.
See Germany differently.

Many of Germany's old traditions are still alive today. Centuries-old customs have been preserved and updated, and can make a unique contribution to your experience and enjoyment of the country.

Indulge yourself with culinary delicacies from a bygone age. Try out various regional specialities. Witness old-fashioned handicrafts whose charm is undimmed by the passage of time.

Go back in time to the dawn of pioneering discoveries – the car, the tram, the bicycle. Lose yourself in the crowd at festivals and markets and celebrate the survival of traditions that have passed down the generations.