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Creativity on the beach, Norderney Island
Pedalling through lush fields
New thermal baths in Bad Krozingen
Cyclists at Nordkirchen Palace
Walking on the Offizierspfad Trail
On the Elbe Cycle Route
Uttlau golf course in Haarbach
Cyclists at a landing stage in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Cycling in the Emsland region
Walking in the Kellerwald nature reserve
Cycling in Bad Driburg
Excursion into the countryside

Head for Germany, if you want to make the most of your retirement!

Germany offers a wide range of activities for people of a certain age. Why not relax in a spa resort with beauty and fitness facilities, enjoy concerts, musicals and theatre, take in some top-class culture in the huge variety of museums or get active and go walking or cycling?

Working life is a distant memory (or it soon will be), and now you have all the time in the world to go exploring. Germany offers an infinite variety of things to see and do, so it's the perfect place to start.

Treat yourself and give your health a boost. Germany has more than 350 spas and health resorts offering traditional treatments as well as new concepts such as medical wellness to improve your sense of well-being using mineral water, thermal spring water, therapeutic peat or mud body wraps, the bracing effect of fresh air and Kneipp hydrotherapy or Schroth health treatments. The range of wellness and beauty treatments is also vast. What they all have in common is a holistic approach that incorporates healthy nutrition, relaxation and exercise.

Outstanding walking and cycling trails make exercise a real pleasure. A network of well maintained footpaths covering a total distance of about 200,000 kilometres puts Germany's stunning scenery within easy reach. Go for a leisurely stroll, take up Nordic walking or embark on a tour over several days. Special packages are available where your luggage is transfered from hotel to hotel. Similar deals can be booked for cycling tours. If head winds and steep hills are too much for you, you could try an electric bike. They are becoming increasingly popular because their small motors make it easier to get around.

If you're a music fan, the renowned Schleswig-Holstein and Rheingau music festivals feature concert series in atmospheric settings. Outstanding performances of works by famous German composers are guaranteed every year at the Bonn Beethoven Festival and the Bach Festival in Leipzig. Germany boasts an unparalleled 110,000 theatre performances and 7,000 concerts a year. Art and culture are also on show at Germany's museums. Internationally acclaimed exhibitions are as much a part of the art scene as local history museums, and famous attractions make fascinating destinations. For inspiration, take a look at the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, 33 of which are in Germany and range from the Messel Pit Fossil Site to Maulbronn Monastery Complex.

Germany not only offers people 'in the prime of their life' a huge range of leisure activities, the country's infrastructure also makes travelling easy, whether you're alone, a couple or part of a group. Accessibility for disabled people, medical care and excellent transport links, including bus and rail services are some of Germany's special features.