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Aside from numerous architectural styles and design studios, Germany is home to an impressive range of educational, exciting and enjoyable design exhibitions and art installations. Embark on a picturesque journey through Germany's regions and explore some of the world's most innovative design concepts.

Architectural highlights

Explore a selection of Germany's architectural highlights, ranging from medieval castles and Gothic cathedrals to groundbreaking modern architecture. The combination of cultural heritage and modern innovation found in every city and region fascinates visitors from all around the world.

Art installations in Germany: experience creativity in public spaces!

Germany's art installations offer an unrivalled experience for visitors seeking a combination of culture, history and contemporary art. Diverse and often surprising, they reflect Germany's innovative spirit and creative energy.

Explore art installations across the country in public spaces, historic buildings and former industrial facilities, inviting you to pause, reflect and engage in dialogue. They range from temporary exhibitions to permanent works in public spaces that define the cityscape and create cultural hotspots.

Light installations such as the Luminale in Frankfurt are a special highlight among Germany's public art events. This biennial of light culture transforms Frankfurt and its surroundings into a luminous cultural landscape every two years. With a height of 17 metres, the 'Walking Man' sculpture by American artist Jonathan Borofsky in Munich is a must for fans of culture. If you'd like to experience a roller coaster on foot, the large sculpture 'Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain' in Duisburg offers a unique opportunity.

Public art

Enjoy this sneak peek at a selection of public art in Germany, where urban and public spaces are enriched by sculptures and murals created by world-famous artists and local talent. These public works of art tell stories, invite reflection and make culture accessible to everyone.

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