Destination nature – a greener shade of green

The National parks, nature parks and biosphere reserves associated with the 'Destination nature' initiative are easily accessible by train. The network of public transport guarantee convenient, eco-friendly ways of getting around in the area. Most of the 'Destination nature' areas also offer a visitor card that allows to use regional public transport for free. This means that tourists are free to explore breathtaking nature without putting undue strain on the environment or their bank balance. They can also feel safe in the knowledge that they are taking action to protect our planet and combat climate change.

Since 2001, a total of 23 'Destination nature' areas including the Wadden Sea, the alpine region and the three major German environmental associations – BUND, NABU and VCD – and Deutsche Bahn have pledged their support to the 'Destination nature' initiative for environmentally friendly travel and sustainable tourism in nature hotspots. The aim is to shift travel in natural heritage sites that need protecting towards public transport rather than private car use. This will reduce CO2 emissions and make a proactive contribution towards climate protection and the conservation of biodiversity. Repeatedly, the project has had the honour of being officially associated with the UN Decade on Biodiversity.

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