The Uckermark Lakes Nature Park to the north of Berlin is the perfect place to go with the flow, as this world of water is home to more than 200 lakes, countless rivers and no end of streams. There are so many ways to explore the natural habitat by the shore here – will you pick a canoe, raft or boat for your water adventure? If you're not too keen on getting that close to the water, you can always look out for ospreys, white storks, cranes, moor frogs, otters, beavers and many other creatures as you set off on the footpaths spanning more than 600 kilometres. And if you're hoping for a spot of culture and history, there are plenty of pretty towns, castles and churches for you to admire in the local area too.

The Uckermark landscape boasts moors, lakes, heaths and ancient beech forests and is home to more than 1,200 species of plants (including some critically endangered ones) and many land- and water-based animals and birds. There are so many hiking routes – on water or on dry land – to delight nature lovers and tourists wanting action and adventure. If you're more comfortable on two wheels, the outstanding cycle paths here have got you covered. Why not check out the Trace of Stones route that takes you from Templin to Fürstenwerder via Boizenburg, quiet places to stop for a break, natural bathing spots and buildings of cultural and historical significance. Fancy a fun adventure? How about a trip through the nature park on a draisine or a visit to the so-called raftsman's city of Lychen, where you will find yourself walking on water? Talking of water, the Uckermark Lakes are famed for being so clear that you can see right down into their depths. So don't forget to admire the special underwater view when you go for a dip!

Getting there
The train is the most environmentally friendly way of getting to the Uckermark Lakes Nature Park. From Berlin, head to Prenzlau, Templin or Fürstenberg (Havel). You can find the best train route here or on the DB Navigator app. Top tip: Make sure you enter your exact starting and finishing points when searching for a route.   For example: Stephensonstrasse 1, Frankfurt am Main to Seeburger Chaussee 2, Potsdam. You can also find international super saver fares on the Deutsche Bahn website. 

Getting around the local area
The Fürstenberg (Havel) and Templin train stations are great starting points on your visit to the Uckermark Lakes Nature Park. If you get your hands on a Kurkarte visitor card, you can hop on the local buses in Templin for free. Plus, the UckermarkShuttle travels between the main stops in the region on weekends and public holidays.

You can find out more about the UckermarkShuttle online.