Handicrafts: age-old traditions and modern twists

Everyone is familiar with the ‘Made in Germany’ seal of approval. It signals reliability and quality, not just in Germany, but across the world. Germany’s reputation as a nation of perfectionists owes a lot to German craftsmanship. We’ll introduce you to traditional bakers, avant-garde fashion designers and young winemakers. Join us as we track down Germany’s centuries-old handicraft techniques and learn more about the sheer precision and care that local artisans pour into their work.

Discover Germany’s handicrafts

The taste for traditional values is enjoying a new boom. German craftspeople and artists who have long decided to do things a bit differently and break with tradition are benefiting from the upsurge in interest. In some cases, this newfound popularity stems from people’s affinity with longstanding traditions. Striving for a more natural way of doing things also offers an antidote to short-lived consumption.

Spotlight on bakeries and artisan bakers

If we’re talking about German craftsmanship, then it would be a crime not to mention German artisanal baking. You can look forward to discovering a traditional bakery that has been handed down through four generations of the same family.

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Traditional headdresses from the Black Forest

The last of her kind: Waltraud Kech makes the traditional Bollenhut, which has been part of the traditional folk costume in areas of the Black Forest for over 220 years. During a visit to her workshop, she explains the story behind the 14 pompoms on the headdress, and what it’s like to practise a profession that has almost died out.

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Fashion meets Bauhaus

The city of Weimar not only has a history rich in art and culture, but is also the birthplace of the Bauhaus, which continues to exert a huge influence on architecture and design to this day. We meet designer Anne Gorke, who has made it her mission to create Bauhaus-inspired fashion.

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Our film provides a taste of the incredible variety of crafts in Germany. We hope you enjoy the clip!

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