Traditionally Creative: When Craft Becomes Art

The "Made in Germany" label has a positive reputation. Not just in Germany, but all over the world: it stands for consistently high quality and reliability. The excellent reputation of manufacturing in Germany does not only apply to machine production, but comes from centuries of craftsmanship. Join us on a journey to traditional bakers, avant-garde fashion designers and miners who still stoke for their coal mine. Experience how classic craftsmanship becomes art through precision, attention to detail and a sense of tradition.

Experience German craftsmanship!

Conserving the tried and tested while remaining open to new ideas - this is the secret of German craftsmanship's success. In factories, workshops and on farms it is possible to discover first-hand how these timeless products and works of art of lasting value are created.


Germany's craftsmanship is versatile and as creative as the people who pursue it with passion. See for yourself!

Craft, Art and Living Tradition

Taste fragrant bread baked according to original recipes in a traditional bakery. Let yourself be initiated into the secrets of mining by an experienced miner, and look over the shoulder of a fashion designer in the art city of Weimar. Germany offers (artistic) craftsmanship in all its facets. Let yourself be surprised!

Highlights in Germany