Introducing the Bollenhut, a unique element of German folk costume

What makes Germany so unique is its myriad traditions and folk costumes – by turns colourful, playful, grotesque, inspired by Christianity or alluding to a past event. We’re sure that you’d have no trouble identifying Bavarian Lederhosen. But are you also familiar with folk costumes from the Black Forest? Take these distinctive headdresses, for instance: broad-brimmed straw hats studded with bright red pompoms, sometimes as large as coconuts. This is the Bollenhut, which was traditionally worn in the Black Forest region of southwestern Germany. Having come to symbolise the entire region, it also reveals something about its wearers. For instance, a Bollenhut adorned with red pompoms could only be worn by young women once they had been confirmed. Once a woman married, she would wear a Bollenhut with black pompoms.

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