Cheese needs time. Try a piece

In contrast to the busy economic hub of Frankfurt, things are a little calmer 50km further north. In the Small town of Hungen in Hessen, there lies a place where not only cheese lovers will be enchanted: the Käsescheune Hungen. Here, following all the rules of the art, a cheese is produced that is made from only natural and regional ingredients. And it’s been happening for generations. For the manager, Gerda Kaiser, the Käsescheune is a matter of the heart.

A passion that tastes great.

The Käsescheune in Hugen markets itself as “the cheese experience” - with good reason. There's so much to see here. You can watch every step of the production process through a large glass window into the cheese farm and learn all about the diverse specialities. And if you’re suddenly hungry, you can try the different varieties yourself in the cosy guest room next door. Experience the German way of life, Hessen style.

Cheese in Hessen

The state of Hesse has its own cheese tradition. Handkäs’, soft cheese or cream cheese are mainly produced regionally and according to age-old family recipes.

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