Craftsmanship in Germany’s wild countryside

Did you know that Germany is one of the most wooded countries in Europe? Almost a third of its surface area is woodland. And its still growing. In Bliesgau, a biosphere reserve, you can get to know woodland in a very different way. Namely, at WaldWerken. Create your own personal piece of furniture from local wood with professional supervision, surrounded by nature.

An unforgettable experience

The charming Biosphere reserve Bliesgau Lies in western Germany and offers the perfect setting for creative craftsmanship with local wood. Wild, unique, and full of character - the perfect ingredients with which to make new, hand-crafted items. You will be able to build a chair or carve a knife handle or a musical instrument, without prior knowledge. Whether you’re a professional or a total beginner: At WaldWerken's workshop you’ll create lasting memories of your trip to Germany.

Germany's woodlands

Germany’s climate and vegetation conditions provide the perfect setting for woodlands. Around 90 billion trees are growing here in Germany. The most common trees are firs, pines and beech.

Discover more highlights in Germany

Germany, at the very heart of Europe, has an incredible amount to discover. We took to the road and captured what we found, to whet your appetite for your next trip to Germany.