Flensburg: Welcome to the northernmost town of Germany.

Screeching seagulls hovering above the harbour, hoping to grab some food while battling against the sea gusts. The idyllic romantic seaside image waiting for you in Flensburg. In touch with nature and also cosmopolitan, the people of this harbour town of Flensburg describe themselves as a close-knit community. The town on The Baltic Sea Is known for rum, and its silver-work. And if you wander through its picturesque alleyways, you’ll know that Flensburg still maintains its heritage as a historical harbour town to this day.

The legacy of the seafarers

High in the north, just a stone's throw from the Danish border, life was shaped by seafaring. In the 18th century, Flensburg was a popular trading port for ships of the Danish West Indies fleet, which brought rum to the town from the Caribbean. This quickly brought rum manufacturers on the scene, who refined the liquid gold of the Caribbean - right up to the present day. Flensburg is also world-famous for its silver cutlery. Numerous manufacturers have been making precious silverware for generations. Back then silverware was a top export and transported by ships. Nowadays, the valuable pieces are also shipped all over the world by land and air.

Merchant shipping in Germany today

Germany remains a nation of seafarers even now. Of course, nowadays, the goods are handled only in the huge container ports in Hamburg, Bremerhaven und Wilhelmshaven. Even today, one third of the container ships worldwide belong to German shipping companies.

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