Handmade in Hesse: cheese from organic goat's milk

For more than 30 years, Helmut Schönberger has been applying the highest organic standards on his heritage-protected traditional farm in Rönshausen in Eastern Hesse. In the middle of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Rhön, he produces excellent goat cheese.

Cheesemaker for a Day

If you visit a farm with its show dairy, you will discover a herd of lively white Edel goats in the midst of lush Rhön meadows and learn how high-quality goat milk is turned into appetising little wheels of cheese. Try your hand at the art of cheese making and enjoy authentic products from the countryside! Learn more about all the steps in the production process, taste different types of cheese and take home a goat's cheese taler that you have made yourself.

Harmony Between People and Nature

In the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Rhön, a virtually untouched landscape in the triangle of Hesse, Bavaria and Thuringia, the relationship between people and nature is still intact.