Traditional masks in Germany: a creepy custom?

Germany is a country full of traditions, where many customs and myths are preserved. In the most southern state of Bavaria there are a number of traditions still strictly observed today. One in particular is the Krampus Run. What is it? Imagine Halloween in the mid-17th century. Elaborate costumes with carved wooden masks that chills the blood in your veins.

Guaranteed goosebumps

Let's look at Northern Bavaria Here, Timm Buckley specialises in creating and restoring these elaborate masks. He himself is active as a Krampus, and during the Twelfth Night festivities between Christmas and the beginning of January, he and other frightening apparitions gleefully run raucously from house to house to banish the demons of winter. Much to Tim's delight, more and more people are coming to watch this incredible spectacle. And how long has it been since anyone has taken your breath away? If you are in the area, it's definitely worth asking about these unforgettable wooden masks.

Customs in Germany: regional and original

There are many traditional customs and festivals in Germany But most ancient traditions come from a specific region. To uphold these traditions, they are passed down from generation to generation with love and passion. If you get the chance, see this Cultural treasure With your own eyes.

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