The cuckoo clock from the Black Forest: a classic and iconic object

Throughout the world, the cuckoo clock is inseparably associated with its home in the Black Forest. As early as 1840, there were 1,000 clock makers here; every third clock in the world came from the Black Forest. Today it is a truly iconic collectible made in Germany.

From mass produced clocks through to high-end premium ones

The classic among timepieces was manufactured as early as the second half of the 17th century. Their great success all over the world was also due to the relatively low price of these wooden clocks. In addition, the workshops relied on the division of labour and had effective distribution channels. As a result, 600,000 clocks were manufactured here every year. Today, the Black Forest clock manufacturers successfully occupy specific niches: In addition to grandfather clocks, ornamental clocks and wristwatches, they manufacture the still much-loved cuckoo clock.

Black Forest Landmark

The German Clock Road leads through one of the most impressive landscapes of the Black Forest and is one of the most beautiful holiday routes in Germany.