Here, mustard is produced the same way as it was over 100 years ago.

In the far West of Germany, near the Belgian border, lies the little town of Monschau. It’s easy to imagine what life was like in the Middle Ages in this historical centre, with its timber framed houses, cobbled streets and its 13th century fortress. And ancient traditions are maintained even today in this town. For example, the mustard mill of Monschau. The family business has been creating traditional and modern varieties of mustard by hand for five generations.

Mustard with a large helping of love.

When the mustard grains have to be ground between heavy stone wheels, it is not time pressure but passion that plays an important role. Ruth Breuer runs the mustard mill, now in its 5th generation,and is making the charm of this historic tradition accessible to the public. Experience the craft of mustard production up close during a tour of the mill and taste the loving creations.

The Eifel National Park

Only a quarter of an hour from Monschau lies the Eifel National Park. Over 10,770 hectares of undisturbed nature with an incredible range of plant and animal species.

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